The pretty Lebanese actress Nichole Saba admits that her role at the Danemark's Experiment film with the famous actor Adel Emam depends on her character who is as a very attractive woman. But she says she will concentrate on her future roles and that she would accept artistic ...

By Nihal Kamel

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Published: Thu 19 Aug 2004, 1:41 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:32 AM

roles after checking the kind of role and quality of the artistic addition. Nichole talks to City Times on movies and life in general.

Tells us a little about your participation at the film The Danemark's Experiment?

It was really a very good experience, specially when I participated. The story of the film needed the face and character of pretty foreign woman, which suited me perfectly. I admit that this role concentrates on the face of the actress and not much on the acting. This does not mean that all my roles will concentrate on my beauty in the future. But I am quite happy that I did that role.

Do you think that this film gave you fame?

This film gave me more popularity not only in Egypt but all over the Arabic world. But the big actor Adel Emam knew me before film from the Four Cats team. So I was known as a singer and the name of the Four Cats is a big and very famous and I got fame from the team.

So do you think that your artistic experiment as a singer in Four Cats was useful?

Of course, it was very good. It gives me a chance to interfere in the arts. Singing inside an artistic team is not easy, because during the filming one needs to sing and act at the same time to reach the audience, whereas just acting is just easy.

What is your own wish in the art scene?

I have lots of wishes. I feel I have many artistic abilities. I can present lots of roles and drama, even if my experiment concentrates on my body and face. This is not my full ability; I can present valuable drama for the audience. I wish to do all that.

After acting, will you take up singing?

I love acting and as I said I can present a lot of valuable drama. But I love singing also and I am preparing to release my new album called Yashgelny Bek. It contains around ten songs. I've included around ten songs in the video clip.

What do you want to say to your audience?

Thanks a lot, I promise to present a beautiful drama in the future, because I feel that arts in my heart and my heart is full of artistic abilities.

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