Amrita Rao’s secret fetish revealed

AMRITA RAO’S been shooting round the clock these days. So, one would expect the pretty actress to simply chill when not facing the arc-lights. However, the sexy gal’s idea of chilling is not exactly what one would expect.

A self-confessed cleanliness-freak, Amrita admits to cleaning up her room and cupboards and arranging her wardrobe in neat piles to keep her busy during her breaks from the hectic shoot schedules.

Says Amrita, “Yes, it’s true. I am quite a cleanliness freak. In fact, you’d never see me sitting idle at home. I’d always be arranging my room. I like everything to be neat and tidy. I can spend hours and hours cleaning up the mess. And although I do have people doing it for me all the time, I prefer to do up my room all by myself.” Amrita — who’s new hot-and-sexy look in Anil Kapoor’s Shortkut is earning her compliments by the dozens — also reveals that she doesn’t find the cleaning bit tiring at all. “On the contrary, I think it’s a great way to relax. There’s always so much to do. And it’s not only my room, but the entire house that comes under my scanner, when I’m home,” she adds.

Well, wonder if the ‘squeaky-clean image’ that the actress’s maintained in this glitzbiz comes from this fetish.

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