Ameesha drops Patel

SHE’S SIMPLY Ameesha now. We saw her name appear as ‘Ameesha’ in the credit titles of her latest film, Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic and decided to check.

Since Ameesha didn’t take any calls or reply to messages, we contacted her director, Kunal Kohli. He said, “Ameesha told us how she wanted her name to appear, and we did it as she wanted. She didn’t want her surname. I didn’t ask her why. I thought there must be a numerological reason for it.”

We then called up Ameesha’s mother, Asha Patel, who snapped, “If you have seen that she has dropped her family name in the titles, why are you asking me? Please leave me alone.” Her brother Ashmit seemed to know about it, though. But, he too said, “Why should I react to it? I don’t have any take on this.” Could it be for reasons related to numerology? He replied, “If it’s numerology, I hope it works for her.”

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