All for love

THE OTHER half of Pinoy Big Brother Season Two’s most controversial pair firmly says he has no regrets over anything he did while inside the house, especially not falling in love with fellow housemate Wendy Valdez. Bruce Quebral, dubbed the house’s resident

By Aprylle Liabres (Contributor)

Published: Wed 18 Jul 2007, 10:16 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 12:11 AM

love‘Basketball Hunk’, earned the ire of viewers after he broke off with his girlfriend on national television and openly chose Wendy over her. “I have no regrets, because I only followed my heart,” says Bruce.

Despite all the negative characteristics that people say she has, Bruce sees Wendy differently. While he respects people’s opinions, the four months he spent with Wendy inside the Big Brother house showed him a different side of the show’s most hated housemate. “It’s different when you’re inside the house,” he says. “I spent more than 100 days with her; we were together 24/7. I saw a side of her that people [watching the show] didn’t see, and that’s why I fell in love with her.”

Does he feel any guilt or remorse over the shabby way he treated his girlfriend? Bruce’s relationship with her was still ongoing when he entered the Big Brother house; then he and Wendy started to become close. When Big Brother summoned him to the confession room and asked him the true state of his feelings for Wendy, Bruce admitted that yes, he was in love with her. So he broke up with his girlfriend on national television and picked Wendy over her. His actions incensed the viewers and turned the tide of public opinion against them.

He feels some guilt over what happened, he says, “but I just had to do it”. He makes no excuses for his feelings, and insists he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, save perhaps for the girlfriend he ditched in favor of Wendy, and maybe to her family.

Even after Bruce was evicted and after Pinoy Big Brother’s Big Night last June 30 (where Wendy was loudly booed by the live audience), the hate against them continues to rage.

Despite this, Bruce is sticking to his feelings for Wendy. “She’s not irritating; she’s the best,” he said in defense of his new girlfriend.

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