Sajjad Ali's latest album Rangeen is out in the market. Apart from the soothing melodies which have now become a trademark of Sajjad Ali, the highlight of the album is the collaboration of Ali Azmat, Ahmed Jhanzeb, Ali Haider, Fakhir and Sajjad Ali himself for a song called Jeenay Do which is all about world peace.

By Pak Tunes By Qamar Khalid

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Published: Tue 3 Feb 2004, 1:23 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:34 AM

Though, the song is not all that great, the names involved with it are enough to make one hear it. Another highlight is the short introduction of each song at the very beginning of it. If you are one of those who listen only to a couple of songs of the album, I suggest you hear all the songs just for the introduction.

On stage

Call, EP and Noori rocked the city of Lahore recently. Call opened up the act which was followed by EP and was finished off by Noori. The surprise of the night as the organisers put it, was Shallum's surprise performance with EP on the track Kahan Hai Tu and Waqt. Another surprise was Mekaal's surprise performance alongside Noori. The disappointing thing for the Noori fans was that Ali Noor was minus the guitar that evening and was busy jumping around the stage. Both EP and Noori, came together to perform U2's With or Without You, which seems to be the favourite for covers.

Soon on the Web

Last week, the writer broke the news of a re-vamp in the process for Ganda Banda & 3D Cats. Well, Ali Alam, the only existing member of the band has come up with the name Aalam which means world. The official web site will soon be ready and a debut album is not far away any more. Ganda Banda, was initiated by Baber Sheikh, who is responsible for the band Dusk and is also a video director. It was started while, all the members were in the Indus School of Arts, Karachi. Later, Baber left the band on a good note due to other commitments.

Just a change of name

Not many people know that Ali Noor, the lead vocalist/guitarist started off his career with a band called Coven which was involved with English music. He also produced a song called Rock Polo Roll for the Polo tournament. As Ali gained popularity through the internet, so did his previous band Coven. Now the band is back with a slight change in name. It's now referred to as Co-ven. Hamza Ali Jafri, the Co-ven (and Coven) songwriter and guitarist, is now also on vocals. The band does not believe in post-production cuts and pastes. Actually, it shows and it sounds better as well! Their studio recordings are the exact sound of what they would sound if they are to perform live. They have recently released a track called Sailing Fast, which was recorded at Mekaal Hasan's studio. It's a slap on the faces of those who shamelessly follow formulaic music. Co-ven has done what many bands fear to do, experimentation! Co-ven's album will be released in two parts titled The Raj Vol. 1 and The Raj Vol. 2. The song Sailing Fast is off of Vol. 1. Clips from Vol. 1 will be available for download from the Co-ven web site which shall be up soon.

Concerts in Dubai:

Ali Zafar - February 5

Strings - February 5

Noori - February 12


Arsh - Tanhai

Naqsh - Duur Hai Manzil

MHB - Darbari

Rush - Behti Naav

Ganda Banda & 3D Cats - Raat Jaagi

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