Akshay is back with a bang

Akshay is back with a bang

In his new drama Gabbar is Back, Akshay Kumar offers a practical solution to combat corruption

By Arti Dani (sub Editor/reporter)

Published: Thu 30 Apr 2015, 2:01 AM

Last updated: Thu 25 Jun 2015, 7:26 PM

GABBAR IS THE name of Hindi cinema’s most popular villain. But unlike the Sholay villain, played to great effect by Amjad Khan, who fought against the good guys, Akshay Kumar makes it clear that in his new movie Gabbar is Back, he will be seen fighting the bad guys.

To don the role of Gabbar, the actor had to put on 15kgs and subsequently lose them for his other films like Airlift and Brothers. Produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Gabbar is Back is written by filmmaker A R Murugadoss of Ghajini fame. Telugu filmmaker Krish, also known as Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi, is making his debut in Bollywood with this movie. It also stars Shruti Haasan and Prakash Jha. We met the Khiladi actor in Ras Al Khaimaah, UAE, where he was shooting for his forthcoming film Airlift.

 Your last film Baby was one of the very few successful movies this year at the box office. It is mid-year but yet the box office is not churning out great numbers, what do you think is the reason?

Badlapur was good this year. Movies that released this year like NH10 or Badlapur are made within a certain budget and the kind of business that they do, these are actually hit films. But we are stuck with the hype of the 100crore, and we do not want to come out of it. We assume that if a movie does not make 100crore, then it is not successful, but people don’t understand that movies are made with a certain budget and returns in relation to the actual budget makes a movie a hit or a fail.

You are one of the few contemporary stars who love making movies centered around patriotism. Is there any particular reason behind this interest?

 Donating ‘Gabbar...’ earnings for Nepal not my call: Akshay

 While rumours are rife that the first day income of forthcoming film Gabbar Is Back will go to Nepal relief fund, Akshay Kumar says such decisions are taken by the film’s producers, and that he doesn’t have to depend on the release of a film to make his contribution.

“Heard a rumour that I am donating #GabbarIsBack’s 1st day collections to the #NepalEarthquake victims. Firstly I am not the producer so that’s not my call to make and more importantly I don’t need to wait for the film’s release to do my bit,” Akshay wrote.

The actor also shared a link for people looking for ways to contribute to the rehabilitation of people in the Himalayan nation, which was jolted by a 7.9-magnitude earthquake on April 25. The toll in the devastating quake has risen to 4,680.

“If you too want to lend your support here’s the link ? https://www.facebook.com/nepalearthquakesupport,” Akshay shared. IANS

I love to play a military office or a cop; I love to play somebody who saves so many Indians in Kuwait (Airlift). I love all these larger than life but actually real characters. These characters want to do more and more for the country, they just don’t want to stop at one mission. But now I am looking forward to doing a comedy. Housefull 3 and Singh is Bliing is going to start. As you rightly said, I have continuously done 4-5 serious films and I want to go back and do comedy and come back to do serious films again.

 Did you grow up watching a lot of patriotic movies?

As a child, yes, I remember my family used to go together to theatres. I saw Hindustan Ki Kasam, Pukar, and a lot of films. We had just gotten the India-Pakistan, India–China wars. I remember a lot of patriotic films used to come and I used to love it. My father was also in the army and maybe that is the reason as well.

What is Gabbar is Back all about?

It is about corruption, something that India is facing and the issue is told in a very commercial way. I am actually giving a solution to anybody who comes and watches the film because so far we do not have a solution for corruption that we face in our daily life in India.

Whoever likes it can take it, otherwise leave it. I really enjoyed the script narration since it tackled a problem, which is a huge issue for our country, and I was fine with the title as well. If I ask you about the crime rate in Dubai, it is very less because of the strict laws. Indians and Pakistanis in Dubai will never do anything wrong, so even back home we need to follow the law. I am a vigilante in the film. If I see any corruption, I kill that guy, no questions asked. Yes, my character takes law into his hands. Whatever stories you are going to see, it has all actually happened.

 You maintain an extremely disciplined lifestyle. You don’t drink or smoke or party which is very unlikely most Bollywood stars.

The lifestyle that I lead can be boring to a person who hears about it. Because I sleep at 9pm and I get up at 4am. I work out, drop my son to school, go to work, come back home by 6pm and give one hour to my office, then I spend time with my family, eat my dinner and go to sleep. Does it sound interesting to you?  It depends how one finds this kind of lifestyle. A lot of people think it is boring also. I have been following this lifestyle for ages.

 So you don’t enjoy partying?

Not that partying is bad; in fact it is very good. I enjoy it once a year, maybe.

 You seem to be very fascinated with the salt and pepper look of late?

I am lucky that I am in a profession that allows me to change my looks, my hairstyle, and my body structure with every film. Like in Gabbar, I gained fifteen kilos. When you watch the film, you will see the weight difference. For Brothers and Airlift, I lost fifteen kilos, but I keep on changing, for different movies. But I do it in the right way and not using diet formula.

Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir Khan are all 50 this year and continue to occupy an enviable position in Bollywood. You are 47 yourself - how do you feel about it?

As long you maintain yourself and do a good job and feel young it is fine. There is no age barrier. Age is the reality, but it’s within you. Your hair and beard becomes white, but that’s it. One shouldn’t let it affect one and keep on working.

 Your wife Twinkle Khanna’s column is extremely popular with the masses. Do you enjoy reading them and do you ever offer any suggestion from your side?

I am the first one to read her column before anyone else. She never interferes with my work. My only input for her work is not to give any.

 What was the last movie you saw?

The last movie that I saw was Cindrella and I loved it. I saw the film in Mumbai with my daughter. I have seen Frozen as well and both my kids and myself, we just love it. I enjoy watching any kind of cinema. I enjoy being in front of television, even if there is a documentary about animals going on, I will watch it with great interest. I just want to  absorb everything because I am very good with that.

 Can you us give us some details about your forthcoming projects?

My upcoming films include Brothers, alongside Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez. It’s the official remake of the 2011 Hollywood movie Warrior and based on the story of two estranged brothers, whose entrance into the mixed martial arts tournament forces them to come to terms with their past and each other.

After this, I will have Singh is Bliing, a fantastic action comedy directed by Prabhu Deva under my own production house. Lara Dutta and Amy Jackson are my co-stars. We will shoot in Patiala, Punjab for this movie. In January 2016 I have Airliftreleasing which is based on the invasion of Kuwait. I am playing the role of Ranjit Katiyal, an Indian-Arab billionaire who plans an ambitious evacuation mission to rescue 170,000 Indians from Kuwait during the Iraq invasion. - arti@khaleejtimes.com

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