Ajay's support for Yuva

ACTOR AJAY Devgan is busy with work, especially with his own directorial venture U, Me Aur Hum. But the actor is worried about his father-in-law's health.

Kajol's dad is unwell and in hospital and its for this reason that the couple attend dos only if it's absolutely necessary.

At the same time, Ajay is extending his help for committee-driven organisations.

He recently inaugurated Yuva, politician Sanjeev Kalle's social organisation. Ajay says, "I am glad that somebody has taken this initiative to guide the youth. Coming from a responsible politician this is a very welcome step, which will help integrate the younger members of society to the mainstream. It is important to mould the younger generation into better individuals. I offer my best wishes to Yuva and hope that it succeeds in its cause to weed out corruption from our society. I will always be available for such noble causes and do my part in contributing to the betterment of our society."

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