Aishwarya and Abhishek seek sanctuary in Dubai

THE HONEYMOON is clearly not yet over for Bollywood’s First Couple, Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan.

By Ambica Sachin (Staff Writer)

Published: Sun 1 Jun 2008, 10:48 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 3:15 PM

Clad in a pale pistachiopink churidar kurta, with killer heels to boot, the ‘world’s most beautiful woman’ looks petite clinging on to her husband of just over a year in his trademark dapper suit. (Pink, by the way is still the power colour if you go by Big B and his son’s penchant for the same hued ties in recent photos) The star couple were in town to attend the party hosted by Shaikh Holdings for those who have purchased property at the award-winning Sanctuary Falls.

Power couple Abhishek comes across as a quiet but extremely selfassured man who has no qualms playing second fiddle to his vivacious wife.

And together they make for a subtle but no less potent combination of beauty and power. While Abhishek walks tall and confident, it is Aishwarya who links her arm to his and makes that perfect pose before stepping down to mingle with the guests.

So what is it that attracted the Bachchans to buying property in Dubai?

“We have such fond memories of this place. We came here last for the premiere of our film together, Umrao Jaan, and also for the IFFA event,” Aishwarya reminisces.

“Dubai is a wonderful place, quite conveniently situated close by for us,” added Abhishek. “Everytime we come here it is the warmth of the people that impresses us. As actors, that is very important for us.

Also the culture of respect that this region is known for, makes it a comfortable place to come to.” Family comes first Both Aishwarya and Abhishek chose to gloss over the question as to whether it was the first property they were buying together as a couple after their marriage. “We saw the place and thought it perfect and decided to go for it together as a family,” Abhishek explains.

“Whatever we do, we do as a family. So there is no question of this being our first or last property. We are in this together for life,” Abhishek stresses.

One can’t help but feel while this conversation is going on that the Bachchans’ could not have asked for a better bahu.

Where else but in a land addicted to ‘saas-bahu’ soap operas will you find a 30 plus career woman who literally has the world at her feet dutifully deferring to her husband and his family in everything she does.

Much like Mario Puzo’s The Godfather on which Sarkar and its sequel Sarkar Raj starring the Bachchans, is supposedly based, the family does indeed come first for the new entrant into Bollywood’s First Family.

“Whatever is ours, belongs to our parents’ too,” Abhishek says while Ash echoes her husband’s sentiments.

An ideal marriage That the honeymoon is not over for this couple is apparent from the fact that they can’t stop gushing about each other.

When we ask Aishwarya to list one habit of Abhishek’s that she would like to change, she is quick with the retort: “It is too early to say.” And this despite his teasing prompting from the side! In the conversation that follows, it is obvious that she is the more media savvy of the duo. And for all those who thought Ash could have done better, believe us, there is nothing more commanding than a man who sits back confidently and is quite content to let his wife hog the limelight.

The couple who became friends during the shoot of their first movie together, (Dhai Akshar Prem Ke) and apparently fell in love on the sets of JP Dutta’s magnum opus Umrao Jaan still holds that friendship as the bond that keeps them together.

So what does Ash like best about Abhishek? “He is a man of substance and great integrity. He is also a prankster with a great sense of humour! There is a connectivity and more than that it is the friendship we share,” Aishwarya points out. “What I like about our life together is that it is very real, and not rose-tinted.” But when it comes to his turn Abhishek manages to floor not only us but even his wife, Aishwarya, as he thoughtfully replies: “Aishwarya epitomises the ideal woman for me. She is everything I dreamt of in a wife. In fact she has surpassed all my expectations.

She’s everything and more to me.” Now we don’t know if that is just the Bachchan charm on display, but with an answer like that many will be envying the new Mrs Bachchan! I

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