Alissa, is one of the Lebanese singers who has appeared on the singing arena couple of years ago and invaded the art milieu with her bold video clip in which danced with her body covered in just a towel.

By Rafat Fawzi

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Published: Sat 17 Jul 2004, 3:13 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:46 AM

She's come a long way from that time and has caught the imagination of the people. In an interview with City Times she talked about her journey and how she overcome difficulties in her path.

What will you say to the accusations that your video clips are very bold, bordering on nudity?

I admit that my video clips are very exciting but I never intend that because when the director asks me to perform the role in the video clip I have to fulfil what his demands. I always try to give credibility to my video clips to reach the meaning and the feelings of the song to the audiences. I think it is very normal when I am singing for love I should act as if I am in love with the emotions towards my co-stars or it will never be believable.

The media is used to criticising me and I want to tell the media that I am a woman as any woman and I like to be under the spotlight and use my feminity and arouse the interested. In Lebanon lots of new faces and rising voices invaded the art milieu and each one is trying to take the chance to be distinguished and most of them depend on their figure and the sexy appearance. In spite of that no one knows about them because they have no talent.

What about rumours in your life specially those of a love story with a Prince from the Gulf area?

(Laughs)I am satisfied with myself and to be honest I am not in love with anyone. It is bunch of lies and I have become immune to these rumours and gossip. But I am dreaming of having a family and as well children.

What are the qualities of your Prince charming?

Honestly I really don't care about looks but he should be a man who attracts me with his personality, which should be impressive. But to be frank I am focusing my dreams and on my work, which always is number one in my interests. I am looking for occupying a distinguished position in the hearts of my audiences therefore I have no time for love and you can say it is delayed for a while till fulfil my dreams.

Is reaching to the global audiences among your dreams?

I am doing my best to be prominent especially outside the Arab world where I think I have a good rank among the Arab stars now. To achieve my dream to be a global star I sang a duo with the British singer Chris Deberg. The song was Layalay Libnanaya Lebanese nights ... but the experiment didn't lead to the fame, which I planned for.

Did you have any plastic surgery?

You might be expecting a negative answer, but yes, I did have plastic surgery. I am very serious and very frank in saying that I did so because even ordinary women are doing it. I am a singer who is depends on her figure and her face which are the treasures of an artist who will protect them at any cost. I am a singer and I am dealing with the cameras everyday therefore my advisors advised me to undergo a plastic surgery to my nose, therefore I am not ashamed to talk about it.

What about the news that you spend most of your income on clothes and fashions?

I think it is a good thing for an artist or singer to be keen on his/her appearance because people watch them on the TV screens everyday. In fact every singer should be very fashionable and for me I am following every that's new in fashion. I am the one who selects the clothes which I wear in my concerts and the video clips.

What about your relations with your colleagues?

I have good relations with most of the art milieu and specially Ragheb Alama who gave me the chance to sing with him the duet Betgheeb Betrooh. I also have a good relation with Saeed Al Marooa who directed my last video clip despite my not being happy with it, but I recommended some changes, which he accepted, and the video clip is very success among the other clips. About Haifa, no one can deny that she's got a beautiful face and figure but she hasn't got the qualities of a good singer. Her voice is very weak. Because of my frankness Haifa became very angry with me and criticised me. And I'm not convinced with Amal Hijazi's voice. Nancy Ajram she has a very beautiful face and as well a very unique voice which will give her a good chance to achieve more success and I think the next phase will be the phase of Nancy Ajram.

Will you sing in a duo with a female Arab singer?

I am not thinking of singing a duo with any Arab female because of jealousy among them but I prefer to sing with a foreign singer such as Shakira.

What about your future plans?

I am preparing myself to take part in the Jarash (Jericho) festival, this is the first time for me to participate in this prominent festival and as well I will take part in Cartage festival in Tunisia. I have a work with the stars of star academy, which will be an Ad, and we will shoot it in Spain. I received lots of scenarios for films but I am afraid to give approval because it is a new field for me and I am very keen on my decisions. I am also planning to shoot one of the songs of my album and entrust the directing to a world director.

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