Damas Jewellery has recently launched jewellery composed with the 'Love Diamond' set in platinum. On this occasion, Mickey Weinstock - Vice President Manufacturing of the Love Diamond Co. was here along with Chan Boon Yong of The Carat Club.

By Jawahar Chhoda

Published: Mon 5 Jan 2004, 2:24 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:38 AM

We asked these two experts what was so special about 'Love Diamond'? Mickey answers, "The diamond is so precisely cut and painstakingly polished that every one of its 57 facets is matched and aligned in perfect harmony. Perfection is the key word here."

Nowadays there are diamonds that have many more than the regular 57 facets, wouldn't they be of a better quality and sparkle more? "Unfortunately this is a misconception. More facets don’t translate into more sparkle. The trick lies in maximising the light return so that all the light that enters the stone comes back to the eye. For this you need to place the diamonds at correct angles for maximum reflection."

Then in order to prove his point Mickey placed a ring made of Love Diamonds in a dark area and showed us that the sparkle had not diminished.

When you see the Love Diamond under a magnifying glass, you notice certain distinctive features. "When you look at the diamonds from below, you will find eight hearts and when you see it from above, you will notice eight arrows. These show you that the cut is perfect in symmetry and proportion."

Normally when buying diamonds, you are advised to keep the four Cs in mind. These stand for cut, clarity, colour and carat. But according to Mickey and Chan, one factor matters more than the others. "The cut of the stone matters more than colour and clarity. The only parameter in a diamond that man can change is its cut. Unfortunately many people don't realise this and don't know where to put their money. The three features in a good cut are excellent polish, perfect symmetry and ideal proportions. If all these factors are coordinated then you have a perfect cut."

Mickey emphasises that there is a big difference between an ordinary diamond and a Love Diamond. "Just like there is a difference between a Mercedes and a Rolls Royce."

Speaking about the new jewellery collection launched recently, Chan says, "In designing this collection, we follow classic styling as we are not trying to make a fashion statement. These designs stand the test of time and become family heirlooms. These diamonds are very rare as no more than one per cent of diamonds are of this cut."

Cutting of the Love Diamond takes four to five times longer than other cuts because of the precise and painstaking process required to maximise its beauty. This is what makes these stones about 30 per cent more expensive than regular diamonds.

Jewellery made with Love Diamonds and set in platinum is available at Damas showrooms across the UAE.

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