A charming Mom

Aida El-Housseini shares with City Times her joy at winning the Mom of the Year event held for the first time in Dubai

THE MOM of the Year contest was held few weeks back at Wonder Land (near Creek Park). It was a great event full of fun for the whole family.

My son Kareem, who is 7-years-old, took part in the Talent contest (he held a small magician show) — and won the second place in that category.

It was great as the success boosted tremendously his confidence and self-esteem.

The next day I decided to participate in the ‘Mom of the year’ contest.

We were 18 moms there. Everyone was just great.

The idea was to show all mothers that regardless of your age, situation, or number of children, you can look great, feel great, and affirm being a great mom.

The aim was to convey a message to all mothers; You have the right to be proud of yourself and allow your husband, children, parents and broad family to be proud of you.

Taking care of others doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of yourself!

Trust yourself, enjoy your role as mother as giving life is the greatest joy and achievement of all. For all above, I believe that all loving, caring and compassionate mothers (the ones I met during this wonderful event) as well as all other moms truly deserve a lifetime award!!

The contest which had lasted over four hours had three disciplines and five rounds during which the participants got short listed (from 18 went to 9 then to 5).

First I won the title of ‘Charming personality’. Then they announced the 2nd runner-up, the 1st runner-up and then came ‘Mom of the Year’.

At first, I couldn’t believe that I had managed to win the honorable title of ‘Mom of the Year. I can’t tell you enough what tremendous joy and happiness I felt.

The greatest reward was the look in the eyes of my sons. They were so proud of me. It was truly one of the most memorable days of my life.

I wish this event is not a one time thing and I hope that Dubai otherwise a great city to live in, but also an incredibly busy one, manages to establish this great event (held this year for the first time) as a regular annual event that would grow and have more and more of great Mums, kids and also dads take part in it.

Aida El-Housseini is a Marketing Specialist with Dubai Municipality. Born of a Czech mother and a Palestinian father, Aida,40, is the mother of three boys (aged 7, 15 and 20) and has been in Dubai since 2001

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