A blush with Soha

IF ONE was to paint Soha Ali Khan in one colour what would it be? Though she showed up wearing a green dress at a recent

By N Anandhi (Contributor)

Published: Sun 2 Mar 2008, 9:52 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 3:22 PM

sounveiling of the colours of the season by a leading paints brand, Soha prefers blush to any other colour. This is what she told us when we accosted her at the event, organised by the brand she endorses with brother Saif Ali Khan. Saif's busy painting the town red with girlfriend Kareena Kapoor (Psst, Kareena's even wearing scarlet red nail colours these days). Anyway, Soha's reason for being partial to Blush is her self-proclaimed ultra femininity. "My personal favourite is blush because it's quite me! I'm very feminine. So it's an obvious choice," she tittered. The event was to announce the colours that were most likely to be seen in homes given the trends this season. Designers and artists from different walks of life came together to present their favourites hues and shades. Though she is the brand ambassador for the paint, Soha steered clear of offering advice on what colours match the mood this year. "I don't have too many suggestions to give. There is a dedicated team of experts to give their professional advice and I think they are far better equipped than I am to tell you what colours you should be looking for," Soha said. Also seen at the event was another ultra feminine actress, Isha Sharvani, who happens to be a noted dancer. She wowed audiences with her Kalaripayyatum-inspired dance moves. "Not many know that Kalari, which originated in Kerala, is the base for most martial arts. It has been around for more than 1,600 years. This dance form contains human emotions and expressions, including colours. So I felt this is was best suited for the occasion," Isha told us. Can we see other starlets turning green with envy?

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