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Katy Perry says she hasn’t turned Russell Brand tame

Katy Perry, who is all set to marry her fiancé Russell Brand, insists the former womaniser was “ready for a change” and she hasn’t tamed him.

Brand’s fans were stunned to hear he was settling down and turning his back on his reputation as a top-notch lothario. But Perry is adamant she hasn’t forced the Get Him to the Greek funnyman into responsibility, insisting he “doesn’t have the stamina” to keep bedding a string of women, reports express.co.uk.

“He knows that I am young and have friends and a social life and he was attracted to me. Every once in a while I need to remind him of that and he listens. It’s all about communication. It’s not about taming, because that won’t last, said Perry.

“Not everything stays perfect. We all start to slow down. I think he was ready for change. I mean, you just don’t have the stamina to be in bed with 80 different women a week when you’re 35 and trying to do good work,” she added.

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