'Working environment not Innovation-friendly'

DUBAI - 75 per cent of the regional business executives say their working environment is not innovation-friendly, a new survey uncovers.

The survey, which was commissioned by Leaders Present, the organiser of the Management Innovation Forum, reflects the opinions of over 100 regional business leaders and key decision makers from across the region who took part in the innovation forum.

The survey found that 40 per cent of the attendees find that their working environment is 'little' conducive to innovation while 38 per cent say that their working environment is 'not' conducive to innovation at all.

Asked about how focused your company on developing truly innovative products and services, 37 per cent said that their companies are sometimes focused, while 34 per cent said that they are very focused on innovation.

"To be able to make the most of innovation companies should focus on creating an environment in which employees are open to creativity and change," said Purva Hassomal, the Conference Director.

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