Use these wallets and avoid identity theft

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Use these wallets and avoid identity theft
Wallets with RFID blocking technology keep credit cards and biometric information safe.

dubai - A new range of wallets with RFID blocking technology will protect you from electronic snooping

By Staff Report

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Published: Sun 30 Apr 2017, 5:51 PM

Roderer, the Dubai-based manufacturer of exclusive luxury leather goods and accessories, has unveiled a range of wallets with RFID blocking technology that keeps your credit cards and vital biometric information safe from electronic snooping.

"RFID stands for radio frequency identification. Essentially, it involves the use of radio waves to process information stored on something like a tag that may be attached to an object," said Olivier Birault, CEO of Roderer.

RFID chips are now commonly found in credit cards, passports, enhanced driver's licences and global identity cards. They store highly sensitive, personal information such as your name, credit card number, passport numbers, address and date of birth.

RFID chips are susceptible to hacking, resulting in identity theft and/or credit card fraud. Hackers can use their own scanners out in public to steal information straight from your pocket.

"The RFID-blocking wallets are designed to meet a much-felt need to safeguard vital personal information, especially in today's high-tech world where the hacking of personal data is increasingly common," said Birault.

At first glance, these wallets look and feel exactly like the original models but there is one slight - but significant - difference. These Roderer RFID wallets have been specially designed to prevent identity theft. Within its layer lies a multi-metalised liner that blocks RFID signals up to 3000MHz. This tightly weaved nickel and copper liner offers total security against RFID scanners, even in close proximity, and utilises the same RFID blocking security implemented by the military.


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