Uhdeeki: Eternal feelings embellished in gold

Dhanji Dedhia, Marketing Director of Damas Jewellery, shares highlights of the latest promotion, the Damas Uhdeeki campaign, in an interview with Khaleej Times.

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Published: Thu 19 Aug 2010, 11:35 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 9:47 AM

What does ‘Uhdeeki” mean and where does the word originate from?

Uhdeeki is a simple yet beautiful word that captures the divine emotion of gifting. It originates from the Arabic language and means ‘my gift to you’. Uhdeeki aptly describes the joy of the gifting festival at Damas.

How is this campaign different from your earlier campaigns and how does it appeal to the end consumer?

Each campaign at Damas has focused on the end consumer. Even during economically difficult times, especially during the past two years, we have announced innovative and trendy product lines for consumers to indulge, even for those on a reduced spending budget.

The Uhdeeki campaign is not a product-centric campaign as the inspiration has been to embody the spirit of Ramadan, which translates in to a month of self-less giving. We as consumers are so much consumed by today’s high paced life that we rarely pause and appreciate the finest things life has to offer. We forget that “Life is not what we make in it but what we make of it.”

This campaign gives a platform for consumers to reflect and truly appreciate the joy of gifting – since there is no bigger joy than gifting our loved ones and watching the unmatchable smile on their face. “It is in giving that we receive.”

What is the significance of the campaign in light of the ongoing month of Ramadan?

“For You, I’d bring the moon if I could.” This is the sentiment that launches our Uhdeeki campaign across the region, celebrating the feeling that we would do anything for the happiness of our loved ones. Ramadan is for everyone – whether rich or poor, modern or traditional, young or old.

We at Damas too believe in this core philosophy and have a uniquely beautiful piece for everyone – a caring mother, a darling wife, a precious daughter or a dear sister. It is the intention that counts the most, much more than the actual piece per se. Price is just a facilitator depending on your affordability and lifestyle. Price should not be a deciding factor since every thoughtful gift is priceless irrespective of the price value on its tag. It is not what you give but how much love you put into giving. The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than its value.

What is the unique appeal of Damas’ latest promotional strategy, especially in light of the new ‘Uhdeeki festival’ campaign?

“Gift because you want to and not because you have to” – This is our core message to everyone. Even though we truly appreciate the special person in our life at the bottom of our heart, we only end up expressing our appreciation at socially obligatory occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or religious festivals. This takes on a form of gifting under obligation and it takes away the pricelessness of the gift. Using the Uhdeeki platform, we are encouraging consumers to gift and convey through this well thought of and exquisitely ribbon wrapped Damas gift box, that this is a heart-felt appreciation of the special person’s indispensable support and not the feeling of discharging a duty or obligation.

Every moment is a gifting moment in this Uhdeeki festival so do not wait till ‘the right occasion’ to make it look like an obligation. We men are lost for words when expressing our true feeling to the special women in our life. So we have also compiled various expressions of appreciation that might help consumers as thought-starters to pen-down in their own words in a beautiful complimentary greeting card along with every gift. This is available at every Damas outlet for a consumer to be creative and innovative in his words of expression. Remember, the fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose. Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.

Are there any specific products that Damas has launched for the month of Ramadan?

Yes, we have launched three beautiful moon inspired designs in pendants to compliment this Damas Uhdeeki Festival. One of the core principles of Ramadan is social harmony and equality and it is the design inspiration behind our recently launched pendants which feature mutli-coloured stones (Farasha) and diamonds and pearls (Kiku).

One look at the pendant and any woman is bound to fall in love with the look and feel of it. The inspiration behind these pendants is to show how every person in this region, though coming from a different background and personality, comes together in social harmony to create a landscape of shared happiness with just one vision – the moon’s crescent. Apart from this, we have also launched Hayati with crescent inspired designs to mirror the strengthening of our relationship bonds with every passing Ramadan. We will launch more new product designs towards the end of the month which will fascinate the wearer.

Jewellery design is very person-specific and very rarely would you have a single design that captivates the entire population. We acknowledge this uniqueness and hence have on offer a wide variety of designs and brands to suit each individual’s needs. This Uhdeeki platform reinforces the importance of heart-felt emotion behind gifting more than the actual piece in the gift. So, take a stroll to the nearest Damas store, pick up a piece of your choice that echoes your emotions beautifully and create that incandescent gift-giving moment that lasts forever.

What is the price range for the Damas Uhdeeki festival?

It amazes me how jewellery in the recent past has been dragged down to become a commodity by some jewellers in the region. As I mentioned earlier, price of the jewellery is just a purveyor and a parameter of affordability and lifestyle. It cannot and should not dictate what you prefer in jewellery. Every piece of Jewellery whether small or large, carries its own beauty and the person who wears it further enhances its beauty. This Damas Uhdeeki festival is for everyone and we offer a wide range of breath-taking pieces across a varied price range. Every appropriate gift is priceless, the moment you talk about the price on that piece – you are limiting its value in the eyes of the receiver.

Don’t we ask the counter sales man to remove the price tag on a gift before it is gift-wrapped across any category of goods? Yes, we do that because we do not want to communicate the price to the receiver and limit its value. All we want them to know is that this is a well thought-of gift.

In a similar way, I as a consumer would hesitate to gift a piece of jewellery to my loved ones if the receiver gets a feeling that I have bought it only because it was affordable and within my budget. But this happens sometimes in the region, where jewellery is heavily advertised on affordability and all that sticks with the consumer’s mind is the price tag.

Imagine, you gifting a heart-felt gift of appreciation to your wife and when she wears this beautiful piece at a social function, the first comment that comes to her from a friend across the room “Oh, it’s this 1000 dirhams advertised piece from XYZ jewelers, isn’t it?” – The gift just became profoundly depressive, killing the preciousness of your true emotions behind the gifting.

A beautiful piece from Damas in the red box gift wrapped with golden ribbon actually speaks of your heart-felt emotion and doesn’t broadcast the price tag on it.

How long will the Damas Uhdeeki festival last?

It is a month long festival and coincides with the holy month of Ramadan as we plan to make it an annual event going forward. But the concept behind it stays throughout the year wherein a Damas gift symbolises your heart-felt emotions for the receiver irrespective of the occasion.

Gold business is known to pick up during Ramadan and especially during the Eid season. What are your expectations for this season?

Yes, historically gold was given as a gift to loved ones instead of money during Eid as an alternate form of investment for a better future. I believe consumers in general have moved away from it being considered only a commodity and are now looking for more expressive modes of articulation through unique and beautiful jewellery. My expectation is that jewellery business as a whole would pick up for the region during the Eid season. The key here is to provide a symbolic interpretation to consumers for the Jewellery rather than drag down Jewellery buying in to weight and price. Happy Uhdeeki festival to all of you!business@khaleejtimes.com

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