UAE, Qatar among top valuable nation brands

UAE, Qatar among top valuable nation brands

Dubai - The report recorded Singapore as the world's strongest nation brand while UAE is placed third.

By Rohma Sadaqat

Published: Sun 1 Nov 2015, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Tue 3 Nov 2015, 9:44 AM

The UAE and Qatar both feature in the top 10 list for nation brand strength, placing third and ninth respectively, according to Brand Finance's 'October 2015 Nation Brands' report.
The report recorded Singapore as the world's strongest nation brand in 2015, followed by Switzerland. Singapore is now seen as modern, innovative, industrious, welcoming to outsiders, culturally rich and has left its neighbours, including Malaysia, far behind. Tourism was found to be the weakest point of Singapore's brand strength score. However, it is steadily being improved upon by the 'Your Singapore' campaign, which seeks to showcase Singapore's variety by allowing people to craft a personalised experience.
By developing a clear vision for their brands, backed by heavy investment, many of the Gulf states have followed Singapore's lead. The cities of the UAE and Qatar were relatively unheralded until two decades ago. But Dubai, Abu Dhabi and increasingly Doha now share many of the traits Singapore is lauded for.
They are international transportation hubs with large, modern airports that serve as the base for world leading airlines - Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airlines. These act as flag carriers for their national and sub-national brands, just as Singapore Airlines and Changi Airport have been so crucial to Singapore's image.
Despite conflict in the wider region, like Singapore, they are trouble-free with very low levels of crime and disorder. There is no doubt that Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha have vast appeal for investors, highly skilled expatriate workers and tourists from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Qatar placed ninth, with an overall BSI score of 83; its appeal as an investment destination is its biggest strength at present.
The report placed the UAE in third place with an overall score of 86. The highly favourable tax regime, for which it is the top ranked country on the BSI, makes investment its strong suit too. Its scores for 'Goods & Services' is not far behind.
The UAE's tourism score is also on a regular upward trajectory. Like Singapore, the emirates have woken up to the risk of perceptions of sterility. Water parks and upmarket resorts have been followed by unique attractions such as Ferrari World at Yas Island and cultural attractions such as Abu Dhabi's Louvre Museum.
Meanwhile, the broader 'Goods & Services' pillar will see accelerating benefits over the next five years thanks to Dubai Expo 2020.

Top 10 strongest nation brands  (BSI score/100)
> Singapore
BSI score: 88
Brand value in 2015: $412b
> Switzerland
BSI score: 85.9
Brand value in 2015: $1.02t
BSI score: 85.9
Brand value in 2015: $403b
> Finland
BSI score: 85.7
Brand value in 2015: $289b
> New Zealand
BSI score: 85.6
Brand value in 2015: $200b
> Hong Kong
BSI score: 85.4
Brand value in 2015: $325b
> Netherlands
BSI score: 84.5
Brand value in 2015: $1t
> Luxembourg
BSI score: 83.5
Brand value in 2015: $60b
> Qatar
BSI score: 82.7
Brand value in 2015: $235b
> Norway
BSI score: 82.6
Brand value in 2015: $388b

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