UAE Jet Ski on Saturday

DUBAI - The year 2011 will start with a definite buzz as the UAE Jet Ski Championship gets underway on Saturday with a high-speed competition involving over 70 participants in action on the water in front of The Walk at Jumeirah Beach residence.

The official practice will start at 8.30am and last for an hour followed by two races in the six categories — Runabout Stock, Ski Limited, Junior Stock, Pro Ski and Pro Runabout. The first race will get underway at 10.30am and the second at 2.30pm. The Championship will include seven rounds to be held in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Fujeirah with the finale at the end of April.

Saturday’s race, which is organised by DIMC, is licensed for drivers over the age of 16 years but riders between the ages of 10 – 15 are authorised to race with the consent of their parents. Racers from seven countries — Italy, USA, France, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and the UAE — will take part and races will last between 10 and 20 minutes whilst the riders push their skis to the limits around the twisting course.There is also a two-minute free style category where races perform a variety of tricks and turns.

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