UAE aims to establish a stimulating ecosystem for SMEs: Dr Sultan Al Jaber

UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology briefed on expansion plans and growth opportunities for companies in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi

The UAE’s Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology Dr Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber and other top officials visiting the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi. — Supplied photos
The UAE’s Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology Dr Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber and other top officials visiting the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi. — Supplied photos

By Staff Report

Published: Mon 18 Apr 2022, 5:40 PM

Last updated: Mon 18 Apr 2022, 5:53 PM

The UAE’s Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology Dr Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber recently visited the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (Icad), a major centre for industrial companies in the region that operates under the umbrella of the Abu Dhabi Ports Group, the largest operator of economic zones in the UAE.

Dr Jaber heard how IDAC provides investors with promising opportunities for growth and prosperity and is considered one of the most important industrial cities locally, regionally, and even globally.

The visit is part of the ministry’s efforts to maintain strong, direct ties with its partners in the industrial sector. Efforts include communicating regularly, discussing various innovative industrial projects and ensuring an environment that contributes to enhancing the sector’s success, based on the pillars of innovation, sustainability and future foresight.

The ministry focuses on enhancing cooperation, increasing industrial incentives and enablers, and supporting all partners in various industrial sectors, as part of the UAE’s national strategy for industry and advanced technology.

Dr Jaber was accompanied by Mohamed Ali Al Shorafa, chairman of Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development; Omar Ahmed Suwain Al Suwaidi, undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology; Osama Amir Fadhel, assistant undersecretary for the Industrial Accelerators Sector; and Farah Ali Al Zarooni, acting assistant undersecretary for the Standards and Regulations Sector in the Ministry; Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamsi, managing director and Group CEO of Abu Dhabi Ports, and officials from a number of industrial companies in Icad.

Dr Jaber heard from some of these officials who spoke about strategies for improving the quality and efficiency of production, enhancing competitiveness, raising the contribution of the industrial sector and advanced technology to the national economy, and enhancing the global position of the UAE in the industrial sector.

During the visit, Dr Jaber inaugurated a new production line for the Ajmal Steel Pipes Industry Company, a trusted international brand, and was also briefed on the efforts of Emirates Steel, which is the largest listed steel and building materials company in the country, as well as Gulf Fluor, which plays a major role in meeting the growing demand for aluminium fluoride in the region.

A global destination that attracts industries

During the visit, Dr Jaber stressed the important role of Icad, with its advanced infrastructure, integrated solutions, and the distinct capabilities that it provides to manufacturers, companies and investors in Abu Dhabi in a way that supports the growth of local industries and attracts foreign capital.

"We strive for fruitful dialogue with our partners in the industrial sector to strengthen cooperation and exchange experiences between the various stakeholders in the public and private sectors. Today, we have an advanced industrial strategy through which we aim to stimulate the capabilities and competitiveness of the sector and create an attractive business environment for local and international investors in the industrial sectors,” he said.

“We also aim to establish a stimulating ecosystem for small and medium enterprises, and work to develop procedures and incentives related to the industrial sector,” he added.

Dr Jaber said Icad is a prominent model that reflects the position of the UAE as an advanced incubator for the most important and promising industrial projects in the region. What we have witnessed today – highly efficient production lines and quality products capable of competing globally – confirms that the UAE is on the road to making the industrial sector one of the largest contributors to a sustainable knowledge-based economy supported by innovation and advanced technology.”

He stressed that the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology seeks to promote the unique advantages and capabilities of the country to attract talent and entrepreneurs to stimulate the growth of the industrial sector. This is in compliance with its legislative and regulatory role aimed at providing a favorable business environment and one that attracts local and international investors in the industrial sector.

He said the ministry is also working on providing financing solutions and incentives and promoting the adoption of innovation and Fourth Industrial Revolution technology to enhance the country’s reputation and position as a leading global hub for future industries.

Competitive potential in support of the industry

Mohamed Ali Al Shorafa emphasised the efforts undertaken by the Government of Abu Dhabi towards further establishing the industrial sector’s position, being a cornerstone of the economy and to ensure an appealing industrial landscape and proposition for international investors, guaranteeing a sustainable future.

“The environment facilitated by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for the industrial sector is testament to the UAE’s progressive economy, as it seeks to continue with its development and diversification roadmap, to position it on the global stage. The success of the industrial sector and specialisations are imperative for the growth of the national economy , especially as we pursue advanced, technological, and future inspired industries as envisioned by our leadership,” he said.

Attractive advantages for industrial investments

Icad has excellent facilities and services and benefits from an effective communication network, several entry points, and an advanced road network.

It includes quality warehouses, logistics centers, quick access to ports and airports, in addition to commercial communication channels, including sea freight and land freight, through more than 200 airlines from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The city extends over an area of 40 square kilometers.

The land plots are designed to match the needs of investors at competitive prices and provide spaces that meet their needs. The plots provide advantages for heavy and light industries, ranging from steel and metal, building materials, logistics services, food industries and oil and gas services.

One of Icad’s largest tenants, Emirates Steel, is a local and global success story. The company is a major driver of the Abu Dhabi government’s industrial diversification efforts. Established in 1998, the company has a production capacity of 3.5 million tons annually and exports its products internationally. It is also the world’s first steel manufacturing company to capture CO2 emissions and, utilizing the latest technology, it supplies 60% of the domestic steel market with high-quality end products including wire rods, rebar, heavy sections and sheet piles. It also plays an enabling role in building the future of the economy and contributes to achieving the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 and the UAE Centennial 2071.

Engineer Saeed Ghumran Al Remeithi, group CEO of Arkan and CEO of Emirates Steel, outlined Emirates Steel’s activities, expansion plans, and the success of its investments including providing market-leading products to local industries and jobs for Emirati citizens.

“We were delighted to host Dr Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, at Emirates Steel’s facility today. We are extremely appreciative of the support that His Excellency has extended to our business as expanding the country’s industrial base is a core pillar of the UAE’s efforts to diversify its economy. Our production of high-quality rebar, wire rod, heavy section and sheet pile meets the needs of customers in the UAE and in over 50 countries around the world, contributing to the nation’s long term economic development,” Al Remeithi said.

“We aim to support the downstream industries in the UAE by providing value-added products that are used in many sectors such as the automotive, machinery, equipment, construction, transportation and energy, which then are exported under the slogan “Made in the Emirates” to the whole world. Our strategy fully aligns with the objectives of the UAE’s ambitious industrial strategy.”

Gulf Fluor: A global pioneer

Established in 2008, Gulf Fluor is a chemical manufacturing company designed to meet the increasing demand for aluminum fluoride in the Arabian Gulf and to cover part of the import requirements for neighboring regions. The company’s commercial production of aluminum fluoride began in Q4 2014 and it signed several strategic partnerships with leading European technology companies to obtain the latest technology solutions in the production of aluminum fluoride, hydrogen fluoride and sulfuric acid.

Owiada Hamad Al Khaili, CEO of Gulf Fluor, gave a presentation about the company, its development over the past few years, its global partnerships, its contribution to the growth of the UAE economy, and the support provided by the UAE to industries at various levels.

He said Gulf Fluor is the leader in the Gulf and the Middle East in terms of the integration of production elements and the development of technologies. It represents a qualitative leap and milestone at locally, regionally and international levels in terms of producing aluminum fluoride, hydrogen fluoride and sulfuric acid.

“Our vision is based on being a major global player in the fluorochemicals industry, with a focus on expansion, improvement and building a strong relationship with our partners and contributing to the national economy,” he said.

He said the UAE Government and the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology provide all kinds of support to our activities, and we stress that this contributes to the implementation of the vision of our leadership by continuing to develop and contributing to national industries.

“We will continue our plans with all partners to expand, develop and shape the future in this industry.”

Inaugurating a new production line

Ajmal Steel Tubes and Pipes Industries is one of the most prominent international companies and factories in this field. It is also considered one of the largest UAE companies exporting to the US and employs 450 employees. Its new production line reflects its ability to expand. Dr Jaber inaugurated the company’s new production line.

Dr Jaber also heard from Abdullah Al-Shammari, head of the Factory - Oil and Gas Department, about the company's near-term ambitions and plans and about how the company was able to grow thanks to the UAE’s stimulating economic environment, its support for the industrial sector, and the existence of policies and plans to enhance the attractiveness of the industrial sector, raise its competitiveness and grant it more advantages and financing solutions.

Shahul Ameed, managing director of the company, said: "We export our products to the US, Canada, Europe and many other countries, and we are part of the ‘Make It in the Emirates’ initiative launched by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, which supports us in a way that enhances our economic industrial activity and expands our trade relations globally.”

“We will expand production to reach one million metric tonnes within a few years, and our products have obtained the most important international certificates, thanks to the support of the UAE government and the various entities in Abu Dhabi.”

These tours by His Excellency Dr Jaber are a continuation of previous tours to a number of industrial sites across the country, which emphasises the Ministry’s role in enhancing the UAE’s industrial position. The tours also help to review the status of companies and industrial institutions and provide support and benefits as part of the ministry’s strategy to enhance the contribution of the industrial sector to the UAE economy and transform the UAE into an attractive destination for advanced and technological industries.


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