Transforming the home environment

Transforming the home environment
Mohammad El Yassir, Regional Managing Director, MEA, Whirlpool Corporation

Smart and intuitive laundry appliances help make the most of every minute Smart and intuitive laundry appliances help make the most of every minute

Whirlpool has been synonymous with innovation and quality in home appliances for decades. With unmatched investment in research and development, the company is rapidly extending its lead as the most advanced home appliances brand, especially within laundry and fabric care. 
Whirlpool's expertise in laundry goes back to more than a century, with the launch of the first electric motor-driven wringer washing machine in 1911. Since then, the company's product innovation has taken over the market making it one of the world's leading home appliance manufacturers globally. At a time when lifestyle changes are necessitating reduced time and human effort for house chores, Whirlpool has pioneered a technology revolution that is set to transform the home environment. Here in the UAE, the company is emerging as the top player in appliances through its futuristic design and supreme product performance.
"Our vision is to design in-home solutions that help make the most of every minute," says Mohammad El Yassir, Regional Managing Director, MEA, Whirlpool Corporation, in an interview with Khaleej Times. 
He highlights: "The need for human control in running appliances is nearing its end. We are moving to the next stage in the evolution of our home environment - where appliances will manage themselves and complete tasks on their own, letting people spend time and attention on doing what they love. At Whirlpool, serving as an enabler of meaningful moments in our consumers' lives fuels our passion and helps us innovate extensively.
"With the kind fast-paced life today, we understand the importance of having appliances that help you manage your home precisely the way you want - easier, faster and smarter. Our intuitive technologies remove the hassle associated with traditional laundry appliances, saving human time, effort and the environmental cost of running these appliances.
"To us, advanced performance means getting great results while consuming less water and energy. Our ENERGY STAR qualified appliances deliver eco-efficient steering operations for more sustainable consumption, which optimise resources. We believe precious resources should be used with care."
This is evidenced by the technologies driving the success of Whirlpool brand. Whirlpool's 6TH SENSE technology provides outstanding washing results - automatically detecting the amount of laundry based on the fabric type, choosing the best setting for optimal performance, and in the process saving water, energy and time. Another key technology is the Whirlpool SoftMove System, which uses customised drum movement to adapt to every type of fabric and ensures outstanding cleaning performance. 
Furthermore, to give urban consumers a quiet Zen moment at home, Whirlpool has introduced its ZEN Technology, an advanced system that reduces vibrations and makes it possible to set a washing cycle overnight without worrying about disturbance. A recent survey conducted by John Lewis showed that 39 per cent of people try to avoid using technology appliances at certain times because of the noise they produce. Not only is the noise created by some home appliances considered irritating, a quarter of those surveyed said it made it difficult for them to concentrate. 
Powered by ZEN Technology, the newly launched Supreme Care washing machine by Whirlpool has the quietest motor on the market. The motor is directly connected to the drum, resulting in minimum vibrations, which in turn emits less noise, for a truly amenable domestic environment.
Whirlpool has also launched their FreshCare+ Washers and Dryers, powered by its 6th SENSE Technology. What makes the FreshCare+ stand out from its rivals is the FreshCare+ system, which adapts to your schedule, and keeps your laundry fresh for up to six hours after the cycle has completed, taking out the need to plan your day around laundry. This means you never have to worry about when you want to stay out or whether you have time to unload the laundry. 
According to El Yassir, it should come as no surprise that Whirlpool is able to constantly lead the market with previously unknown technologies. "The Supreme Care and FreshCare+ are examples of how appliances can play a big role in freeing up our time and effort at home as well as the impact we can make to a greener and less damaging ecological environment by choosing the right appliance," he adds.
El Yassir shares his passion for environmental conservation as he concludes, "We are celebrating the Year of Zayed here in the UAE. One of the defining features of Sheikh Zayed's visionary leadership was his care and attention to preserving the environment. We would like to pay tribute to him by taking forward this noble endeavour through our products."

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