Top multinationals show interest in CCM’s technology to mitigate global carbon emissions

Move marks a breakthrough in the fight against climate change


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Knut Hagenes, CEO of CCM
Knut Hagenes, CEO of CCM

Published: Mon 27 May 2024, 7:38 PM

Knut Hagenes, CEO of CCM (Carbon Capture and Mineralization) has developed a groundbreaking method to capture and mineralize CO2 safely and cost-effectively. Such an innovation is based on CCM’s proprietary technology and defendable intellectual property. As this initiative is catalyzed by Knut and his team, it marks a breakthrough in the fight against climate change.

The hardware will achieve Technology Readiness Level 7 by Q2 2024. Furthermore, it is well on its way to a full deployment by Q4 2024. This advanced system can mineralize CO2 to high-quality carbonates (99.9%) at a substantial discount compared to the current EU cost of discharge. Therefore, CCM remains a leading firm that offers a viable and feasible solution for industries that produce high emissions.

CCM’s technology, with its development spearheaded by Knut and his team, provides a transformative solution for the coal and cement industries, valued at €1 trillion in 2023 and €335 billion in 2022, respectively. As the company is relentless in finding solutions to reduce emissions from these and other sectors, CCM stamps its name as a trailblazer for making a considerable impact on global carbon reduction efforts.

Notably, leading companies from the cement and steel production industry, amongst others, have shown significant interest in CCM’s technology. The attention that these companies have towards CCM underpins the insurmountable potential to push for revolutionary industrial processes in promoting environmental sustainability.

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