Hope Mars Mission: UAE mobile network name changes

uae mars mission, hope probe

Dubai - Arab world's first inter-planetary mission will take off on Wednesday.

By Web Report

Published: Mon 13 Jul 2020, 10:10 AM

Last updated: Mon 13 Jul 2020, 2:18 PM

Network provider Etisalat on Monday, July 13, changed its name to 'UAE2MARS' earlier this morning - ahead of UAE's historic Mars mission's takeoff this week.
The network change marks a historic moment in UAE's space programme - one of the most ambitious in the region - as in just two days, the Arab world's first inter-planetary mission will take off when the UAE's Hope Probe is launched to space.

The probe will begin its 495,000,000km journey at 00:51:27 UAE time (05:51:27, Japan time) on July 15 from Japan's Tanegashima Space Centre.
Watch it live here: http://emm.ae/live 
The Hope probe is expected to reach the Red Planet in the first quarter of 2021, which will mark the golden jubilee of the emirates' union, in 1971. It aims to give mankind a complete picture of the Martian atmosphere. Data collected will be shared with over 200 research centres across the world.

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