Watch: Tim Cook gets his acting skills right in Apple ad featuring Hollywood's Octavia Spencer

In the advertisement shared on X by Tim Cook, Octavia Spencer plays “Mother Nature” and asks for a “status report” from Apple’s environmental team


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Published: Wed 13 Sep 2023, 2:01 PM

Apple released a new advertisement during the launch of its iPhone 15 lineup at the Wonderlust event in California on Tuesday. The advertisement features Apple CEO Tim Cook along with Hollywood actor Octavia Spencer. The ad highlights the company’s commitment towards achieving a net zero carbon footprint by 2030.

In the advertisement shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Cook, actor Spencer plays “Mother Nature” and asks for a “status report” from Apple’s environmental team.

With Tim Cook seated at the table with other employees at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, US, Spencer is seen asking them about what they have done to make Apple greener.

“We are in the process of eliminating all plastics from our packaging by the end of next year,” one employee says. Another shares that Apple is “currently using 100% recycled aluminium in the enclosures of all our MacBooks, Apple TVs, Apple Watch”.

One of the employees also adds that the company is “phasing out leather” in iPhone cases.

On being asked about the electricity report, “Mother Nature” is told that every Apple office, store, and data centre runs on 100% clean electricity. “Apple offices are already carbon neutral,” another adds.

Apple also says in the advertisement that it is shipping more products by ocean than air, reducing “transportation emissions by 95%”.

“We have innovated and retooled almost every part of our process to reduce impact on the planet. But there is still a lot more work to do,” Cook is heard saying before “Mother Nature” is introduced to the new Apple Watch, the company’s “very first carbon-neutral product”.

“At Apple, we believe that climate change is one of the world’s most urgent priorities and we are deeply committed to doing our part. Today we had a special guest—a real force of nature—stop by to check on our progress,” Cook wrote while sharing the advertisement.

The clip collected more than 3 million views on the platform and elicited several reactions.

“Apple's climate progress is impressive - but the most impressive part of that skit is 100% Tim Cook's acting,” a user wrote.

“This was absolutely brilliant,” a comment read.


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