OPSWAT expects to grow more than 100% this year

CIP leader showcases live demo of nuclear power plant at Gisec


Somshankar Bandyopadhyay

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Saif AlRefai, Solutions Engineering Team Lead – META, OPSWAT
Saif AlRefai, Solutions Engineering Team Lead – META, OPSWAT

Published: Wed 24 Apr 2024, 5:20 PM

Last updated: Thu 25 Apr 2024, 11:45 AM

“In the last couple of years, we’ve had over 150 per cent year on year growth. We’re expanding into different industries. We haved focused on government and banking in the last couple of years. Now we’re going more into energy. We’re going more into oil and gas. We’re going more into nuclear education and healthcare as well,” Saif AlRefai, Solutions Engineering Team Lead – META, OPSWAT, told Khaleej Times in an interview on the sidelines of Gisec Global 2024.

At the event, OPSWAT experts will show how the company’s solutions are expressly designed for the unique cybersecurity challenges posed by the convergence of IT and operational technology (OT).

“Industry 4.0 throws down the gauntlet to any organization that runs an OT setup because the breaking down of walls between IT and OT has exposed critical infrastructure to a range of attack vectors,” said Sertan Selcuk, Vice President for METAP & CIS, OPSWAT. “But at OPSWAT, backed by a process-driven approach, we stress the importance of cyber resilience more than just cybersecurity — we are focused on enabling our customers to continue operations in the face of evolving threats.”

For OPSWAT, the market is rapidly growing. “Companies and enterprises are investing more and more into IoT security and we’re seeing a convergence of IT and OT. So we can see that the market is growing rapidly,” AlRefai, said.

At GISEC, OPSWAT will showcase its solutions at the OPSWAT CIP Mobile Lab. Solutions on display and available for demo are powered by OPSWAT’s MetaDefender platform and support storage security, supply chain security, secure managed file transfer, peripheral and removable media protection, access and endpoint security, email security, OT security, cross domain security and more.

“GISEC Global 2024 attendees will witness firsthand how OPSWAT’s solutions secure critical infrastructure, as our experts offer practical insights into safeguarding vital systems and networks,” said Selcuk.

Alongside its product showcase, OPSWAT will further highlight its ongoing campaign to bridge the regional cyber-skills gap. The company will use the event to raise awareness and interest in the OPSWAT Scholarship Program and the OPSWAT Academy, which will sign a memorandum of understanding with CyberSecured India at a special event during GISEC Global 2024.

“OPSWAT takes the cyber-skills gap very seriously,” commented Irfan Shakeel, VP of Training and Certifications at OPSWAT. “That is why we recently invested US$10 million in our scholarship program. We are committed to increasing the number of certified CIP professionals in the region and across the globe.”

“Our participation at GISEC is driven by our strong commitment to delivering end-to-end IT/OT cybersecurity solutions and establishing our brand as a trusted authority,” Selcuk added. “OPSWAT is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for organisations and technology partners in need of comprehensive IT/OT cybersecurity solutions. Together, we can fortify what matters most and protect what must not fail.”

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