Selfologi to highlight growing market for cosmetic treatments

Selfologi’s aim is to develop a true partnership with clinics and practitioners, and ultimately advance the industry by creating differentiating standards and being an advocate for quality


Rohma Sadaqat

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Tamer Wali, founder of selfologi - Supplied
Tamer Wali, founder of selfologi - Supplied

Published: Wed 23 Mar 2022, 3:58 PM

Consumers looking to explore cosmetic treatments need access to trusted and unbiased information, as well as connections with reputable clinics and practitioners.

This is where selfologi comes in. Founder Tamer Wali describes it as a “safe digital space” with a booking function where clinics and doctors, who meet a strict criteria of being completely compliant with government regulations and requirements, can connect with clients.

“We have a dedicated team who work closely with our partners to ensure we are connecting consumers with the best clinics and practitioners for them,” he said.

The Middle East is a growing market for cosmetic treatments with numerous clinics and practitioners. Yet, for an industry that uses some of the most cutting-edge and advanced technology, when it comes to booking treatments almost none happen online. When it comes to clinics and practitioners, they can enhance their visibility through selfologi by reaching and connecting with consumers online.

“They have the ability to present their credentials, experience, technology, and value, and see results with our online booking system,” Wali said. “We have the capability to support clinics and practitioners of all sizes from large corporates to smaller independent businesses, boosting awareness of their services and increasing their bookings.”

Selfologi is centred around an intuitive and adaptive search engine, to highlight to consumers where they can find the best clinics and practitioners. Users can directly search for their preferred treatments on the website, or filter their choices by treatment type, clinic, practitioner, location, devices, or price.

This is supported by a seamless, end-to-end booking journey for both the consumer and clinic. All clinics and practitioners are thoroughly vetted and selfologi will be collecting user-generated ratings and reviews, building a like-minded community, to help other users make the right decision for themselves.

Users can also discover a detailed collection of tips, trends, and inspiration. They can find everything from advice on skincare and self-care, to the ins and outs of procedures from the people who’ve experienced them first-hand.

“Ultimately, we will give our consumers the confidence to inspire other people,” said Wali. “By being part of our journey, they will be able to review their treatments and share their impressions, feedback, and ratings with the wider community.”

Asked about the growing cosmetic treatments industry in the region, he said: “There are $2.2 billion worth of cosmetic treatments taking place in the region and the industry is growing. With over a million searches per month for cosmetic treatments in the GCC, we see a huge potential for growth in the Middle East and beyond. Now that our booking feature is launched in the UAE, our next focus will be to expand the function into Saudi Arabia later this year. We then have plans for regional expansion across the Middle East, before going on to develop into a global marketplace.”

Rob Pye, CEO of selfologi added that selfologi is an innovative new platform that harnesses the full potential of digitalisation and accessibility in a highly competitive market. Nowadays, people can book just about everything online – but this convenience is lacking when it comes to the cosmetic treatment industry. “Our marketplace feature has been developed to provide an unbiased view of the clinics and practitioners who offer cosmetic treatments, in order to empower consumers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about cosmetic treatments.”

“For us, it’s not about promoting services or persuading people to take a treatment, it’s about making sure we’ve provided valuable and entertaining content, for consumers to understand a complex and sometimes intimidating category,” he stressed. “The decision to explore a cosmetic treatment is an extremely personal one and people can come to selfologi safe in the knowledge they’ll receive trusted and original content, to help them make a decision that’s right for them. At the same time, we are enabling practitioners to strengthen – and build – their digital presence, showcasing the full breadth of their credentials and treatments to an engaged audience.”

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