Sartoro Geneve marks strong first quarter

Jeweller expects to boost relationships with UAE clientele


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Published: Thu 6 Jun 2024, 6:46 PM

Last updated: Mon 10 Jun 2024, 8:31 PM

The first quarter has been a remarkable journey for Sartoro Geneve, notably highlighted by the inauguration of its flagship boutique in Dubai Mall. “This strategic move not only signifies our commitment to expanding our global presence but also reflects our dedication to serving the discerning clientele in the UAE and beyond. We’re delighted by the enthusiastic response from our UAE-based clientele and anticipate further enriching our relationships in the future,” Arto Artinian – Co-Founder and CEO, said.

Choosing Dubai for Sartoro Geneve was a deliberate decision rooted in the company’s vision of creating a distinctive and welcoming space. “Dubai, known for its global appeal and luxury, aligns seamlessly with our commitment to providing an inviting atmosphere. The city’s cosmopolitan spirit resonates with Sartoro Geneve’s celebration of individuality and uniqueness. Our boutique at Dubai Mall is not just a location; it is a reflection of the warm and approachable environment we aim to cultivate. By choosing Dubai, we extend an inviting embrace to a diverse audience, inviting them to explore, express, and experience the distinctive world of our Maison,” said.

For over three generations, Sartoro Geneve carries the legacy of craftsmanship and the creation of exquisite jewelry artistry. Arto and his brother Saro inherited this heritage from their father, Souren, and uncle, Yervant Artinian, who established the Artinian jewelry legacy in the Middle East in the early 1950s.

From an early age, the brothers were immersed in the world of diamonds. “Holidays meant spending time at the jeweler’s bench, nurturing our design skills and love for the craft. We spent countless hours sorting diamonds, learning the intricacies of our trade and developing a profound appreciation for its artistry,” Arto said. “This journey led us around the globe, on the search for the finest materials from key diamond and gemstone hubs like Antwerp and Bangkok. Our dedication to excellence has become the cornerstone of Sartoro Geneve,” he added.

Arto Artinian – Co-Founder and CEO, Sartoro Geneve
Arto Artinian – Co-Founder and CEO, Sartoro Geneve

The inspiration behind Sartoro Geneve’s designs is for those who appreciate celebrating their distinctiveness and uniqueness. “As a Maison, we embrace the spirit of those who seek distinctive, visionary and avant-garde expressions of their singular essence. Whether you’re a woman with a bold sense of style or someone who appreciates timeless elegance, Sartoro Geneve invites individuals from diverse walks of life to embrace their distinctive selves and shine in a world that often seeks uniformity. Our jewelry is crafted with meticulous attention to quality and a commitment to empowering individual expression and radiance, catering to those who value uniqueness and unrivaled craftsmanship,” Arto said.

Sartoro Geneve’s ateliers pride themselves on harmonizing traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. “Our recent breakthrough is the introduction of CNC (Computer numerical control (CNC)) high-tech precision capabilities that enhances our ability to produce highly aesthetic, mechanical fine jewelry with precision and efficiency. This synergy of up-to-date jewelry manufacturing and Savoir Faire, ensures that each and every creation reflects our commitment to excellence, creativity and precision. With 350 skilled designers, conceptual artists and 3D designers, we employ pioneering techniques, experimenting with thought-defying methods, sculpting on wax, and clay. Our design philosophy combines industry-leading expertise, traditional prototyping, and applied craftsmanship, setting new standards and bringing visionary ideas to life,” Arto said.

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