RTA signs MoU for mobility management programs in Dubai

DUBAI - Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently signed a Memorandum of Understandin (MoU) with School Transport Services LLC and Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai for a period of three years, with the aiming of boosting the cooperation with these parties, and enhancing security and safety features as part of the drive to realize RTA vision of providing Safe and Smooth Transport for All.

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Published: Thu 31 Dec 2009, 8:40 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 3:52 AM

The agreement was signed for the RTA by Yousef Abdullah Al Madani, Director of Transportation Systems Department, and by M L Augustine, Managing Director at School Transport Services LLC, and by Simon Moore, General Manager at Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai, in the presence of Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, Director of Bus Department at RTA Public Transport Agency.

“Signing this Mobility Management MoU opens new horizons for promoting mass transit culture and shuns single-car occupancy which is impacting all Dubai roads. It lays the framework through which Public Transport Agency endeavours to develop mobility programs by broadening the scope of relationship with RTA strategic partners. Mobility Management Programs are series of procedures and initiatives that contribute to minimizing private vehicle trips and encouraging the use of mass transport means,”said Yousef Abdullah Al Madani.

Al Madani stated that the Agency was also keen to work with School Transport Services LLC and Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai to actively boost the existing strategic partnership relationships; which illustrates the true steps taken to combine the efforts made to serve a wide spectrum of customers; which will reflect positively on the economic and social aspects.

He further added, “The MoU seeks to achieve several key objectives set by the Agency which include: promoting and furthering employee awareness of the importance of mobility management programs, fostering the culture of sustained transport in Dubai, broadening the mobility options offered to employees in a bid to minimize the number of trips to and from the place of work, relinquishing individual transportation, and adopting mass transit patterns. Eventually we can contain and alleviate the increasing congestion in the city of Dubai, particularly during peak times at locations adjacent to workplaces, and provide alternative mobility options for a larger portion of employees in the public and private sector through introduction of mobility management programs.”

The concerned team at Mobility Management Programs Section conducts studies and surveys to establish mobility problems faced by employees to figure out logical effective solutions for them. It also draws up joint Mobility Management Programs to provide diverse mobility services for all company employees and encourage them to use public transport instead of private vehicles. The Section also seeks to reduce the number of single-occupancy cars used by employees to report to their work places through encouraging them to share mass transport in their daily travels from and to the workplaces. It also seeks to broaden the scope of mass transportation through the introduction of car-pooling “Sharikni” initiative, explore the possibility of providing dedicated buses for transporting employees, organizing parking lots nearby workplaces, and running joint awareness campaigns to educate company employees on the impact of using private vehicles in transportation on traffic congestions.

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