Par-excellence Emirati insurance intermediary

Par-excellence Emirati insurance intermediary
Mustafa Oliyath Vazayil, Managing Director Gargash Insurance

Gargash Insurance focuses on all kinds of businesses for insurance, and offers 'total solutions' to its customers Gargash Insurance focuses on all kinds of businesses for insurance, and offers 'total solutions' to its customers


Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

Published: Thu 24 May 2018, 11:17 AM

Last updated: Thu 24 May 2018, 3:29 PM

Mustafa Oliyath Vazayil, Managing Director Gargash Insurance, is a financial wizard, and knows the inside-out of insurance on his fingertips. He is an exception among his contemporaries, as evidenced by many feathers in his cap, especially the fact that he is the first UAE resident to have qualified as a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, London. He has also successfully established the region's leading National Insurance brokerage company.
He brings with him decades of experience working with several multinational companies, and has many firsts in his career. In 1994, he decided to leap forward on his own and established Gargash Insurance, the leading Emirati insurance brokerage company. 
For Mr.Vazayil, insurance is his first-choice, and he proved it beyond any doubt that he is articulate enough to the core. The laurels that Gargash Insurance had won is an indication of his meritorious leadership, acumen and foresight. "I have no regrets in life, I'm a happy person and the profession of insurance is my passion," a humble Mr. Vazayil describes himself in very few words. 
Gargash Insurance is the leading Emirati insurance intermediary in the Middle East, and is honoured with the coveted title of 'Chartered Insurance Broker' from the Chartered Insurance Institute, London, the first of its kind for a UAE concern in the region.  
A humble and soft-spoken Mr. Vazayil says his entry into  the insurance industry was 'circumstantial', and dubs the field as 'quite promising'.
He elucidated that "insurance business is a sustained learning process, and because of diversity in every walk of life, there are innumerable challenges in it." 
The insurance maestro, while talking about competition, says usually for many the focus remains on competitors and as a result businesses lose direction. "The right focus is to concentrate on markets and clients. This is how Gargash Insurance has been able to win over confidence and trust of the industry and the customers."
Talking about core areas of interest, he said Gargash Insurance focuses on all kinds of businesses for insurance, and offers 'total solutions' to its customers. That includes apart from end-to-end corporate insurance, travel, motor, general, life insurance and medical insurance.
The articulate managing director said, "We look at the exposure of the client, and come up with a coverage to meet the exposures. Assessing the needs and requirements of the client is of essential importance, as we tailor a plan for them." 
Gargash Insurance foresees growth and prosperity, as the UAE rises to new heights of success. Mentioning some of the challenges, Mr. Vazayil says, "technology and cost escalation are some of the issues that will have an impact on insurance business."
He resolves, "We will be the first choice for insurance solutions, delivering customer satisfaction with delight."

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