Mitsubishi Launches Pajero Sport

DUBAI - After producing one of the world’s most sought after sports utility vehicle that has been a long standing winner in some of the world’s most gruelling rallies like the Dakar and the Italian Baja, Mitsubishi adds a new dimension to its 4-wheel SUV line-up.

By Staff Report

Published: Tue 10 Feb 2009, 12:49 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 3:54 AM

Standing tall in the midst of the legendary Pajero and the stylish Outlander, the new Pajero Sport is slated to take on the thrill of on-road cruising and off-road pursuits with equal aplomb.

Al Habtoor Motors, the exclusive dealer of Mitsubishi in the UAE, will now offer motoring enthusiasts a choice of yet another great SUV.

Speaking on the new entrant, Roger Ghosn, Marketing Manager, Al Habtoor Motors enthused “The new Pajero Sport fills in a critical niche between the tough Pajero and the stylish Outlander.

It heralds a new era for vehicles that epitomises style, performance and value for money. I am sure, off-road enthusiasts and on-road motoring aficionados will be in for an equally gratifying driving experience.”

The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport promises a rugged, no-nonsense driving enjoyment on all kinds of paved and unpaved terrain. Drawing inspiration from Mitsubishi’s long history of success in the toughest rallies on the planet, the new Pajero Sport features a wide array of performance, control and safety technologies, balanced by a spacious carrying capacity and an interior designed to make every moment behind the wheel one of absolute pleasure.

The exterior of Pajero Sport marks it clearly as part of the Mitsubishi line-up, sporting the same sleekly aggressive front face, muscular fenders, and sweeping bodylines as Mitsubishi’s other on- and off-road vehicles.

If the Pajero can be thought of as the lion, king of the jungle, then the Pajero Sport holds the position of the speedy and efficient cheetah.

The high suspension and large wheels give it an edge when covering rough off-road terrain, while the attractive form, seamless construction, extensive styling and amenities make it standout when driving downtown as well.

The front achieves a balance of toughness and energy, with a design that allows high-speed off-roading by helping guard against rocks or other flying debris, for example.

The energetic design continues along the sides, with the front over fenders and rear blister fenders, high ground clearance and confident profile styling giving Pajero Sport a particularly dynamic appearance.

From the rear, the high position of the sharp looking combination lamps completes the ensemble, marking Pajero Sport as the new generation of SUV.

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