Magellan’s unique watches

DUBAI - Created in 2000 by Everhard Vissers, Magellan was bought up by Mario G. Nargi in 2010, a transition that should propel the brand from its current confidential status to the international renown it deserves. It’s time to reveal a higher profile.

2000 - Magellan Watch was founded in 2000 by Everhard Vissers, a businessman with a definite penchant for mechanical watches. For several years prior to that, he had been thinking of creating a watch unlike any other and inspired by a ship’s compass. Nonetheless, as an enlightened connoisseur, he waited until he met professionals capable of creating an authentic horological product, before carrying out his plan. The result was the Magellan 1521 watch featuring an astonishing design – based on semi-spherical dial, hands and sapphire crystal – clearly evoking Magellan’s round-the-world voyage and driven by an innovative movement. connoisseurs. The brand accordingly found its way through its first decade while making only limited series of one-of-a-kind models. While the initial design and technology have remained unchanged, the central theme underwent transformations that opened up whole new vistas just waiting to be explored – a potential that did not escape Mario G. Nargi.

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