Let's Drive completes its 21-day adventure of overland journey

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Lets Drive completes its 21-day adventure of overland journey
The group plans more initiatives in the next year for driving enthusiasts from Dubai around the world.

Published: Fri 14 Oct 2016, 4:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 14 Oct 2016, 9:31 PM

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One car, three friends 15 nations was turned into a reality by Jamal, Haris and Shamim from an adventure touring group in Dubai ‘Let’s Drive’ as they successfully complete an overland drive in 21 days (August 29 to 18 September 18). The drive started from Dubai and completed in Netherlands via Iran, Russia and Switzerland. The group plans more initiatives upcoming in the next year for driving enthusiasts from Dubai around the world.
These driving enthusiasts communicated through motions, gestures and body language to people with different language, culture and background and also presented some souvenirs of Dubai to many while inviting them to the UAE for tourism and adventure.
Jamal said: “In almost every country we visited we met people who were amazed and overwhelmed to see a car in their homelands with a Dubai number plate and they had heard a lot about Dubai already and were just looking for a reason to visit, which we boosted by offering an invitation to join us on one of our local drives in the UAE to experience local culture and tradition along with our Emirati group members.”
Celebrating the UAE Reading Year 2016 the group distributed books to the people they befriended on the way in different countries.
“The world is a small place; the team met a small business owner in Azerbaijan who had worked in Dubai earlier. He spoke about his experiences and cherished the memories of his time in the UAE when presented with a Dubai souvenir and a book marking the reading year,” said Haris.
When asked about the learning from this initiative, Shamim said: “Majority of people are nice in all these countries as long as we respect the law of the land and life is a journey for everyone, so taking breaks is essential to reach your destination safely.”
Fifteen members of Let’s Drive flew in to Switzerland on September 10 to welcome the touring car in Zurich and drive around the most amazing “Grand Tour of Switzerland” together in a convoy of rental cars led by the touring Dubai FJ Cruiser. Co-organiser of the road trip Farhan Kafil said: “This idea opened doors to the UAE locals and other interested enthusiasts for participation in the road trip and provided an opportunity to drive together on one of the most scenic routes in the world.”
The organisers and tem members of Let’s Drive are very thankful to their sponsors ‘Switzerland Tourism, GCC’, MAG Lubricants, Dial a Tire and Radio Spice for their partnership in this success.

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