Enoc Link records over ten-fold growth in sales volume across the UAE

46% increase in fleet size since October 2019 and a growing customer portfolio
46% increase in fleet size since October 2019 and a growing customer portfolio

Dubai - Expanded fuel offerings to include EPLUS91, Bio-diesel, ENOCBlue, Petrol, and Diesel now across the UAE region

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Published: Wed 13 Jan 2021, 5:20 PM

Enoc Link, the digital mobile fuel delivery service by Enoc Group, announced a massive growth of over 10 times in sales volume.

In just over a year, Enoc Link recorded a 46 per cent increase in fleet size and continues to serve a diverse range of customers operating in industrial and commercial sectors; including e-commerce, construction, retail, marine, and transport with expanded operations across the UAE.

The range of fuels supplied by Enoc Link now includes EPLUS91, Special 95 as well as diesel. Enoc Link had recently launched a dedicated fleet line to offer biodiesel (B5 and B20); which contributed 20 per cent in Enoc Link’s overall sales volumes; primarily driven by the increasing number of customers opting to use biodiesel.

In addition, Enoc Link has also launched a dedicated fleet to offer Enoc Blue diesel additive to commercial fleets. The diversification in its product offering has made Enoc Link the first and only digital mobile fuel delivery operator in the UAE to offer customers these products at their respective premises.

Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO, Enoc, said: “Enoc Link was launched under Next, our accelerator programme; which has been designed to identify and develop digital ventures that can help us unlock growth opportunities and tackle broader industry challenges in the energy sector. In just over a year since the launch of Enoc Link; we’ve been able to achieve significant growth in our operations; complementing our aggressive plans to build and maintain a robust fuel retail infrastructure to cater to the increasing fuel demand.”

“Enoc Link has become the cornerstone of many businesses and fleet owners across the UAE for their fueling needs. In Just over a year, we’ve been able to utilize technology and digital innovation to further refine our customer offering and identify ways to continuously enhance our operations and contribute to our customers operational efficiency. We are confident in our ability to continue our expanding our portfolio to better serve our customers across the UAE.” added Al Falasi.

Enoc Link has also recently launched a fleet of mobile fueling trucks powered with simultaneous multi-product fueling capability. Equipped with 11,000 litre tanks; the trucks are designed to increase operational efficiency by fueling multiple vehicles at the same time. These trucks can serve large-scale customers who require different fuel products simultaneously. The new trucks can contribute to significant savings for customers by reducing time and expenses spent for fueling at a traditional service station and eliminates the need to send two Enoc Link trucks to the customer premises to provide different fuel grades to the same customer.

With the adoption of innovative and seamless fuelling technology, Enoc Link has launched a zero-human interference mechanism enabling digital meter communication with the customer’s vehicle for authorized fuelling. Enoc Link’s successful integration with Enoc VIP using RFID technology also allows customers to visit any of the Enoc service stations in case of an emergency.

Enoc Link operates a diverse fleet of trucks equipped with varying tank capacities; including 800 litres, 2,600 litres, 4,500 litres and 11,000 litres.


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