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Dubai based film production house, ‘The Company Films’ receive global accolades

Filed on March 30, 2021 | Last updated on March 31, 2021 at 10.09 am

Dubai based acclaimed film production house, The Company films, has hit the gold standards of international recognition with their series production, named ‘The other side’. The series of 15 independent films, knitted together by the common thread- passion, were based on 15 exquisite lives from the vast expatriate community in UAE.

The series was conceptualized to depict the true picture about the expatriate community, who are otherwise misunderstood as materialistic & unhappy, ones that are driven by the pursuit of making wealth. The general perception about the life in UAE is heavily stereotyped, which is far from the real truth. Breaking this thought, the series portrayed a set of inspiring lives, who passionately invests their time and energy in what keeps them happy, while having a secured and steady livelihood. Ranging from corporate managers to fishermen, from white collared workers to business men, the diverse range of expatriates found the shade under one roof of passion and led an alter life, that of dancers, musicians, hikers, drifters etc. The stark contrast between their livelihood and what brings the real happiness in them, formed the crux of the films.

Upon it’s release, the series received critical acclaim and recognition from the viewers and filmmakers alike. Lauded for it’s unique approach and candid treatment, the films were executed with the touch of realism. Following a specific realistic pattern, narrating each story in a distinct and relatable way, the series hit the right notes with the audience.

Currently, the series holds 60+ awards from various prestigious film festivals across the globe, such as Florence Film Awards, ARFF Amsterdam, Los Angeles Movie Awards, New York movie Awards and so on, in the ‘Award winner’ and ‘Official selection’ categories. The critics appreciated the makers for the raw and honest portrayal, candid setting, intriguing narrative and universally relatable core content.

‘This has been a very exciting time for us and, we’re delighted that the film has resonated well with audiences at film award events across the world. It definitely fuels our aspiration to create meaningful films. This country has always been the ideal ground to create quality content, and that drives us’, says Rajeev Thottippully, director of ‘The Company Films’.

With around 60+ international awards added to their repute, as the leading film production company in Dubai ,The Company films continue their journey of representing the film making community of UAE in the global picture. UAE, apart from it’s opulent shores and exotic landscapes, proves to be the ideal geographic to nurture the art of filmmaking The world now looks up to the scope and ease of filming and the growing filmmaking culture in UAE, for their executional strategies and the quality content that the country produces. With it’s unparalleled efforts to fight against COVID-19, UAE has been one of first countries to resume filming and filmmakers around the world now creatively collaborate with the video production companies in Dubai.