Apple to launch Arabic App Store with iOS 13

Apple to launch Arabic App Store with iOS 13
Apple has long touted the Arab world as a high-growth market, especially the UAE.

Dubai - Latest software expected to be available shortly after new iPhone launch in September.

By Alvin R. Cabral

Published: Wed 10 Jul 2019, 7:56 PM

Apple is continuing its push for localised content in the Arab world by releasing a version of its App Store - in full Arabic glory. 
The Arabic App Store was rolled out to developers on Tuesday as part of iOS 13 public beta, which is part of Apple's programme that invites developers and users alike to test out its new software.
The full release for the general public is expected in September - in the fall, as Apple puts it - some time after the next-generation iPhones are unveiled. It will have full right-to-left support, making it easier for developers and users to create and consume content.
The company has long touted Arabia as a high-growth market, in which it enjoys healthy user numbers - especially in the UAE, where it has expanded significantly - and has consistently released localised content in order to appeal to the wider audience, who have appreciated apps they can relate to more and in a very engaging way.
Apple promises a seamless experience in its transition to the full Arabic App Store. The move would also encourage the pool of local developers - which has grown exponentially over the years - to participate further and expand the Apple ecosystem.
The company first announced iOS 13 at June's Worldwide Developers Conference in California.

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