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Al Ghurair Centre adds Persian and Japanese flavours to its foodie hub reputation

Filed on April 1, 2021 | Last updated on April 4, 2021 at 09.01 am

Al Ghurair Centre has added two more options to its ever-popular F&B options to enhance its reputation as a food haven in Dubai, especially in the Deira neighbourhood. Farsi Restaurant and Maru Udon have added Persian and Japanese flavours into the culinary mix of a variety of gastronomical delights at the centrally located mall.

Farsi Restuarant

#TheCentre - the Dining District

The arrival of new F&B retailers, Farsi Restaurant and Maru Udon, is certainly going to boost that multi-cultural experience in the dining district that is Al Ghurair Centre.

From American to South African, Indian to Mediterranean, Middle East to the Far East, cuisines from all parts of the world are represented at the Al Ghurair Centre. You need not look beyond Al Ghurair Centre to see how. Whether it's craving for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Al Ghurair Centre serves up a choice of concepts across fine dining, outdoor dining, cafes, chocolatiers and much more.

Rewarding experience at Al Ghurair Centre

In addition to the above, visitors should visit Al Ghurair Centre till 15th April to dine and win prizes. They will have the opportunity to win Dh500 every day by registering on the Al Ghurair Centre Rewards APP. Dining at any of the food outlets, visitors can post selfies with their food and the bill, upload it on their social platforms and tag Al Ghurair Centre with their names as registered on the APP to win mall gift vouchers.

Additionally, visitors who spend Dh50 at any of the F&B outlets, will be eligible for a Scratch & Win card to win 3 months of Zomato Pro memberships as well as a raffle coupon to enter a draw to win a GAC GS3 CAR as a mega prize.

Maru Udon, the rising force from Japan

Maru udon

Maru Udon has a reputation for their authentic udon white noodles, which are soft and chewy, and are used in a variety of combinations in chicken, beef and fish at affordable prices. The arrival of the popular Japanese staple diet in Deira has evinced a lot of public interest already.

Maru Udon holds true to the authentic tradition of making noodles with locally sourced ingredients, just as the centuries-old practice goes, from the Kagawa Prefecture in the southern part of Japan. Udon is a very famous noodle dish, is the most-consumed noodle in Japan and popular than ramen. Easy to tell apart, these thick, white and chewy noodles are made from wheat flour and salt water.

There are options at Maru Udon for gourmet and vegans as well. As Executive Chef Shinya Hongo puts it, Maru Udon is for "anyone who wants an authentic Japanese cuisine experience without breaking the bank.

Maru Udon

"Udon is a common fast food in Japan but there are no authentic udon restaurants anywhere in the Middle East. Udon is easy to make with the right equipment and know-how."

Udon is popular for more reasons, Mr Hongo reveals. "Udon is like bread, and just as there are limitless types of sandwiches, there are limitless variations of udon that we can do.

"Even the udon broth is halal, whereas most (~80%) ramen broth in Japan is not halal, so restaurants that serve ramen must compromise on ingredients. We do not have to compromise." Paitan Chicken, Tan Tan Shezuan, Yaki Stir Fry, and Kake Classic are the most popular dishes while there are monthly specials, too.

Farsi Restaurant embellishes the Persian experience

Farsi Restaurant

In just 12 years, Farsi Restaurant now has three branches with the latest coming up at the Al Ghurair Centre.

According to the Owner and Managing Director Kamran Sharif, the secret sauce behind the restaurant's success is "customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on the concept of the customer always being right no matter what and we are continuously striving for excellence and growth. We are always looking for opportunities to expand. Our primary goal is to serve the highest quality of food at a reasonable price."

Farsi Restaurant targets the large Iranian community who have been pioneers in establishing Dubai's business culture and among its oldest residents. But Mr Sharif uses the opportunity to remind that Persian flavours are for everyone. "The cuisine, in general, has a very mild flavour that attracts all customers from all nationalities. With species such as saffron, turmeric and cinnamon you can't go wrong, and we are confident our authentic Persian food will satisfy all taste buds.

"Kebab is surely the first thing to pop up in your mind, but that will not do gastronomic justice to the very diverse cuisine," Mr Sharif said.

"Our dishes range from barbecued kebabs, to stews, to seafood and much more. We are prepared to go to amazing levels to create new flavours and serve you the best Persian cuisine you've ever had.

"We are especially proud of our Albaloo Polo, which is a dish exclusive to Farsi served with either chicken or meatballs with saffron rice and sour cherries that come from Iran," he added.

Why Al Ghurair Centre?

The rich history of Al Ghurair Centre, the ever-increasing footfall, its prime location and a daily commitment to strive for a better experience as a trade and tourist hub are obvious reasons why F&B outlets such as Farsi Restaurant and Maru Udon are joining on the bandwagon.

Asked for his reasons, Mr Hongo is concise about Maru Udon's strategy: "We are a budget concept and wanted to be in the Deira neighbourhood. The Al Ghurair Centre location was a compelling location."

Mr Sharif chimes in. "When choosing our locations, we carefully take into consideration many factors. Al Ghurair was an attractive location and strategically located in the heart of Dubai. We are looking to cater to all kinds of customers from all socio-economic status and from businessmen to families. Our ultimate goal is to provide a memorable experience for all."

Obvious choice in Dubai's Deira suburb

Al Ghurair Centre has always been a path-breaker. It was the first to host McDonald's in the region in 1994. Prestigious brands have made it a moot point to ensure their presence here.

tim hortons

No wonder you will find Manoushe Street, Yakitate, IL Forno, KFC, Papa Roti, Tim Hortons, Second cup, Krispy Kreme, Pizza Hut, Teriyaki Boy / Sizzlin' Steak, Wingstop, Bestoon Samad, Bikanerwala restaurant, Happy Lemon, Jollibee, Denny's, Din Tai Fung, and many more, while coming soon to the Centre are Dampa Shrimp, Monkey Pizza and Ma'Alem Shawarma restaurants.

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