ADSB launches third naval ship

ADSB launches third naval ship

ABU DHABI — Abu Dhabi Ship Building has launched “Al Dhafra”, the third war ship for the UAE Navy.

By Haseeb Haider

Published: Wed 6 Apr 2011, 11:40 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 10:57 AM

The ship, which is part of the multi-billion dirham Baynunah Corvette Class Programme, is now “over 70 per cent” complete, a significant milestone by naval shipbuilding standards for vessels at the launch stage, the Abu Dhabi Ship Building announced.

The Baynunah Corvette Class Programme launched four years ago consists of six state-of-the-art warships for the UAE Navy, which will be fitted with latest combat systems and capable of defence against both air and surface threats.

Each of the 71-metre highly-advanced corvettes can be deployed for various missions, including coastal patrol and surveillance, mine detection and avoidance, helicopter operations, and peacetime patrols.

The Baynunah Corvette Warships are being built to stringent specifications and the highest quality standards in the naval shipbuilding industry.

Each vessel will be equipped with a range of highly advanced features including a stealth-looking superstructure, helicopter landing deck and hangar, eight Exocet Anti-ship Missiles, four Vertical Launchers for short-range air-defence missiles, Hull-mounted Mine and Obstacle Avoidance Sonar, 3D Surveillance, Navigation and Fire Control Radars; and a Multi-vendor electronic warfare suite.

All corvette vessels are expected to be delivered to the UAE Navy by 2014.

The Baynunah Programme is being undertaken at the world class Abu Dhabi Ship Building facility in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi. The first of the Baynunah vessels was built at CMN’s Cherbourg yard under a subcontract agreement with Abu Dhabi Ship Building.

The second Baynunah vessel, named ‘Al Hesen’, was launched recently and is now undergoing test and trials through 2011. The total value of contracts the ship building company will execute during the current year will cross Dh2.6 billion.

The company will build new 52 boats, modernise 15 boats and carry out maintenance of other 40 vessels.

Homaid Al Shemmari, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Ship Building, said that the Baynunah Corvette Class Programme represents the great advances “we have achieved in terms of shipbuilding capabilities and maritime technology.”

Abu Dhabi Ship Building believes that it is crucially important to maintain such world-class shipbuilding expertise within the region to take full advantage of the highly strategic location of the GCC.

“We are therefore confident that this project will help open more opportunities for Abu Dhabi Ship Building and the UAE Navy to collaborate on other important projects in the future,” he said. Mohamed Salem Al Junaibi, Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Ship Building said “Today’s launch is a testament to our partnership strategy.” —

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