Up to 6-month wait to buy world's most expensive perfume in Dubai

Up to 6-month wait to buy worlds most expensive perfume in Dubai
Asghar Adam Ali at the unveiling of the world's most expensive perfume, Shumukh, in Dubai.

Dubai - The perfume, priced at Dh4.752 million, will remain on display at The Dubai Mall until March 30.

By Muzaffar Rizvi

Published: Sun 17 Mar 2019, 6:34 PM

Dubai holds so many unique records in terms of the most expensive products launched and the latest addition to this list is most expensive perfume in the world - Shumukh - which will cost Dh4.752 million.
But customers will have to wait at least four to six months to get their orders delivered.
Multiple Guinness World Record-holding products were officially launched on Thursday and will remain on display at The Dubai Mall until March 30.
Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies - the manufacturers of most expensive perfume that is adorned by 3,571 diamonds, topaz, pearls and gold - claims a good response at the event.
"The response has been fantastic, spectacular and viewers have appreciated the innovation and uniqueness of the Guinness-awarded masterpiece," Asghar Adam Ali, founder and chairman of Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies, told Khaleej Times.
The master perfumer said his latest innovation unites the art of jewellery and perfumery to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that tells the success of the great emirate through seven core design elements: Durra, the greatest pearl ever found; Baz, the imperial falcon; Aamal, the city of the future; Abjar, the noble steed; Narjesi, the rose in eternal bloom; Haibah, the most precious diamond; and Diwan, the home of heroes.
"Shumukh is inspired by and pays tribute to the emirate of Dubai, so there is no question to launch this masterpiece in any place other than Dubai," Ali said.
On coming up with the idea for the world's most expensive perfume, Ali says he wanted to create the most unique perfume masterpiece in the world. "Shumukh was an extension of my creative persona and fondness for exceptional unique pieces," he said, adding that made-to-order piece will take four to six months to deliver once the order has been placed.
"We are expecting good response in terms of sales but it's too early to comment on targets as it is not a normal run of the mill product - it's a piece of art and the sales approach has to be different as well," he explained.
To a question about expectations from Shamukh, he said the group pins high hopes on the success of the product.
"We have high expectations with this unique masterpiece and also we are getting international brand recognition with this launch so we are very optimistic. This is a made to order customised piece so each individual can have their own bespoke piece," he said.
"We have already received few of inquiries for this product to order customizable masterpiece," Ali said, declining to share further details.
"This is confidential information and the brand will announce when time is right as buyers want to maintain confidentiality and do not wish to disclose this information. Also since we have customization we are in process of discussing the possibilities with individual buyers to personalise their pieces," he said.
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