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The Power of Facebook Automation and What's Next For Jonathan Seller

Filed on October 4, 2021 | Last updated on October 5, 2021 at 09.02 am

Entrepreneur and stock market investor Jonathan Seller started his professional career working full-time as a worship pastor for a Christian ministry. Music was his first passion, but while working for his church, he always loved the idea of having his own business. Jonathan now makes seven figures in commission through his multiple businesses, including digital content creation and some business affiliations.

Jonathan began his involvement in social media marketing when he made YouTube videos for a number of mattress companies in the US. Soon after, he became known as the "Mattress Guy" and was highly in demand within the mattress business and other industries. After some time, he shifted his attention to his own digital marketing company he started called SecondTri Media.

Like other business owners who gradually made substantial money, Jonathan felt the need to invest his money in other businesses. He started investing part of his income in the stock market while learning about stocks and crypto via YouTube. Due to his desire to learn and succeed quickly, Jonathan mastered the ins and outs of crypto and the stock market and became a multi-millionaire.

A few years later, Jonathan launched Walmart Auto Pilots, an automation provider that creates and manages Walmart stores for clients across all fifty states. Jonathan loves helping people, so he makes sure every client who partners with them is equipped with the ability to create a passive income. Through Walmart Auto Pilots, clients can get their hands on as much as 25 to 40% increase in profit after all fees and deductions.

In October 2021, Jonathan will launch another company called Facebook Auto Pilots as he wants to maximize the platforms' massive potential. He's currently training an internal team as the company plans to offer multiple tiers for its investors as part of its beta testing. Jonathan thinks Facebook Marketplace offers an incredible chance to generate a weekly income that is less risky than selling via Amazon or Walmart.

One incredible feature of Walmart Auto Pilots that Jonathan plans to incorporate into the Facebook version is the 90-day money-back guarantee. If a client's store or business can prove that they didn't make a profit after three months through his marketing, they can ask for a refund. Jonathan wants to honor his clients and their upfront fees, so he developed this system to give them peace of mind.

Apart from his success as an entrepreneur and social media marketing expert, Jonathan is also a well-known Christian singer and songwriter. His latest EP is currently in the works, which his fans can learn more about through his Facebook and Instagram pages. Jonathan faces stiff competition in both his marketing and music business, but he remains passionate and honest in both fields.

Despite excelling in two entirely different industries, Jonathan wants his clients and supporters to know that happiness can't be obtained through earning loads of money. Managing people is stressful, and breaking into the music industry is a task that carries with it a lot of pressure. However, he maintains that becoming the best version of yourself and helping people are great recipes for living a worthwhile life.

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