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Our commitment : Provide only the best

Filed on April 6, 2021 | Last updated on April 7, 2021 at 09.07 am

Brands Offers high quality products to its customers at unmatched prices.

"More than our revenue, we want all men to fulfil their luxurious taste without spending lavishly. Our products are driven by our vision to make great suits accessible to everyone, in whatever budget," says Dorgham Shaaban, CEO and Chairman of Brands.

Brands has been in the suiting business since 2004, and upon its establishment, became one of the leading men's clothing industries. Brands' core mission since its inception has been providing the best quality clothes at affordable prices, thus managing to position itself as an affordable luxury brand.

Brands' focus revolves around providing value to its customers, whilst taking care of their wants and needs. Satisfying the industry's gruelling demands through an eclectic range of products at affordable prices, allows any person with any budget to make a purchase. This message transcends all across Brands' campaigns aimed at providing the best to its customers.

Today, its commitment remains steadfast in always providing the best prices for all products. Lavish designer suits are being sold to customers at unparalleled prices, and to this day, its products haven't let people down. The premium quality fabric is durable, and the bold colours give its products a royal aura.

Brands provides a customer-centric product collection to suit the needs of every man in the region. One can find an in-house brand suit starting from Dh149 at Brands which is equivalent to purchasing a Dh1000 suit from a luxury brand. When comparing the product to expensive designer suits, Brands offers its suits at a reasonable and affordable price. It always has new designs available which meet the latest fashion trends. Brands also ensures that it updates its collections during seasons, which provides customers with a great chance to refresh their wardrobe.


Shaaban says, "Ever since Covid-19's detrimental impact on the global economy, even the men with high salaries started seeking 'for value' products. I believe that in one way or another, they want to save money and simultaneously gain value, and this is where Brands will help them. We will provide them with the same quality and style they are getting from luxurious brands at prices that will satisfy them and won't deplete their finances".

Over the years, Brands gained and built strong customer loyalty within the market. Customers revealed that they are happy to spend hours at the store given that everything is affordable and trendy. When visiting Brands, a man will always find new, stylish, durable and affordable pieces; four distinct elements other brands don't offer jointly. Customers are thus satisfied with the products and always come back to elevate their taste to the premium in-house brands, which offer high-quality products at a lower price.

"We will stay true to our commitment to providing the best prices to our customers. We will always keep our standards high, our prices affordable and provide our customers with the best quality products", says Shaaban.

Brands houses several signature in-house brands, namely; DKS, Jack Morgan, Francisco Tolli, Mosaique, Binnino and Alberto Paulucci. Each brand has a specifically tailored identity and personality fitting to the several genres of audiences and fashion connoisseurs.

Brands offers value for money products through all of its in-house brands, to all customers and across all products. DKS is the leader of premium and luxury wear, developing high-end men's clothing for ultra-sophisticated exclusive and chic individuals. Jack Morgan targets the junior executives who aspire for success and triumph. Jack Morgan offers high-end comfortable and sophisticated nimble clothing for those personas. Francisco Tolli and Mosaique are tailored to the unbounded thriving market leaders, creatives and individuals, offering agile style, comfort and reliability. Alberto Pauluci and Binnino are curated for men who observe a modest way of purchasing items and looking for outfits that are simple yet fashionable and are within their budgets.

Brands is thriving in building genuine relationships with its customers, one that lasts past the sale. The company invests opulence, time and effort to actively listen to the customer and take appropriate action, thus earning their loyalty by staying true to its commitment - providing only the best products at the best prices while giving them the best care.

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