New fragrance launched by Afnan


Published: Sat 20 Mar 2021, 2:28 PM

Last updated: Sat 20 Mar 2021, 4:51 PM

Afnan Perfumes has crafted a new fragrance. Imran Fazlani, nose and founder of the perfume house, introduces the scent's exclusive journey to consumers. "I believe that fragrances are an invisible accessory as well as a life-time experience, and that inspired me to compose scents that can provide a similar journey for our customers. With the scent's variations - Desert Rose and Floral Bouquet - we ensured that we produce a momentum from the instant that a person sees, touches and smells our product," said Fazlani. The company is committed to crafting a full experience for each of its products. This Souvenir col-lection showcases the company's vision from creativity, inclusive-ness and experience, and was created with a considerate mindset and attention to detail. "We understood that through this product, we wanted to build a full concept. From the moment you see our product in the store to the time you admire it in the comfort of your home, this perfume will remind you of precious memories, lifestyle or experiences that you treasure," affirmed Fazlani. The perfumes use key ingredients that mix and match perfectly together, connecting each note and building a statement of a signature scent. With Souvenir Floral Bouquet take an exclusive spring journey, and enjoy floral aromas such as roses, peony with a sweet touch of vanilla and a recognisable scent of musk. On the other hand, Souvenir Desert Rose is a more established scent. It has a sweet but fresh side through a fruity-musky side balanced with a citrus-amber twist on it. "Our main objective is that each and every Souvenir Collection lov-er feels especially gifted, empowered and unique; along with building memories with our fragrances. We believe that by only one glance at the bottle or smell of the scent, everyone would experience those precious memories of their most treasured moments of life," Fazlani added.

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