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Make your favorite salad, the delicious one too, in no time!

Filed on July 14, 2021 | Last updated on July 16, 2021 at 08.59 am

Discover a scrumptious tale of Tiffany’s Easy Salad dressing

The recent new normal lifestyle has brought back sensible eating into focus. And with this, salad recipes are increasingly being recommended by all as a wellness & fitness alternative. Let's take a sneak peek into the art of turning your favorite salad, into a delicious one, without much effort and without spending more time & money. After all, your taste buds get the first feel of what you eat, then why not please them too?

Tiffany, a reputed food brand by the well-known business house IFFCO has brought exciting salad dressing variants with `Easy Salads'. These lip-smacking dressing variants are all set to add a new level of energy & zing into your salads by turning them into sought-after yummy meals.

An insightful mindset that gives the first preference to customers is always there behind Tiffany's path-breaking products. Currently, customers need to buy a mega bottle of salad dressing for the entire month and consume the same salad dressing variant till it gets over. Considering this inconvenience, Tiffany has brought in some remarkable innovation. Tiffany's Easy Salad has introduced a new concept whereby paying just a minimum amount, customers can flavor their salad every day in a new way. Four mouth-watering salad dressing variants are here to tickle the taste buds of salad enthusiasts and gift them a never-before-cuisine experience. The Easy Salad features 4 lip-smacking variants, which are specially curated by the masters of gastronomy. This assortment includes Tiffany French, Tiffany 1000 Islands, Tiffany Caesar, and Tiffany Raspberry Vinaigrette and many more flavors are in the pipeline.

Tiffany 1000 Islands is adorned with tomatoes, vinegar, and dill relish. With just a single sachet, consumers will be able to enjoy a great tangy taste that will make their salad exciting. Getting sweet and tangy flavor from tomato ketchup base with garlic & onion, Tiffany French dressing elevates the salad eating experience. Tiffany Caesar Dressing is a fine blend of eggs, lemon, and garlic that tickles taste buds with its creamy & rich taste. Tiffany Raspberry Vinaigrette surprises the consumers with a perfect fix of ingredients by making salads taste even tastier.

Everyone loves restaurant-style gourmet salads but no one can enjoy them daily. It's time to get an edge over this worry with Easy Salad. Bringing more ease & convenience in making your favorite salad and giving you a chance to relish gourmet-styled salad, Tiffany's Easy Salad invokes a master chef in you. All you have to do is simply drizzle the dressing and let the magic take its course. The salad dressings complement the deliciousness of the salads & make it more enjoyable & a likable cuisine.

With luscious taste, delectable texture, the appetizing aroma, Tiffany's Easy Salad dressings make sure your salad does not only remain a salad but also turn it into a wholesome meal. It's time to make every salad, a delicious & memorable meal!

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