How to rise above rejection and pursue your passion, Justin Gilmore and Jesse Boyce explain

How to rise above rejection and pursue your passion, Justin Gilmore and Jesse Boyce explain

Nothing can prepare you for the sinking feeling that washes over you after a rejection. According to Justin Gilmore and Jesse Boyce, most people today do not know how to handle rejection, so they retreat into a shell when they face it. Instead of this, Gilmore and Boyce recommend turning this experience into an opportunity. To achieve this, you need the right mindset.

Depending on what you pursue in life, Gilmore states that some people face more rejection than others. However, whichever side you’re on, rejection hurts in the same way, and it is important to learn how to rise above it and continue chasing your dreams. People have repeatedly used the wrong methods to rise above rejection. Boyce says that shoving down your feelings and acting like nothing is wrong will eventually catch up to you, which won’t be a pretty sight.

Instead of using inferior methods to deal with rejection, Gilmore recommends that you first believe in your skills and yourself. Rejection often makes people question their capabilities, especially because no explanation comes with the ‘No.’ Trying to figure out the why will send you on a spiral; no rejection should make you doubt your capabilities.

The second thing Boyce recommends is to remove your mental limitations. Push yourself to see beyond the ‘No’ and keep pursuing your passion. Do not put limitations on yourself; your dreams should always be non-negotiable, so giving up is not an option. You should also find genuine supporters and critics who help you hone your craft. Gilmore says that you need people you trust to lean on, draw inspiration from, and receive feedback.

The main key to beating rejection is self-belief, says Boyce. It can be challenging to believe in yourself, but it will help you face any challenges in your path to pursue your passions and achieve your goals. To cultivate your belief in yourself, you need a strong dose of courage and passion for your dreams. So start trusting your instincts and even if you fail repeatedly, be fearless in your pursuit.

Even before an actual rejection happens, some people fail to make any headway due to their fear of rejection. Fear of rejection is natural because a rejection often feels like an attack on who you are; however, this should not stop you from going after what you want. Gilmore and Boyce serve some hard truths: you will fail and struggle, and rejections will be part of your journey, but never stop asking for and chasing what you want. You deserve it!

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