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BRANDS offers Magic 5 promo for its anniversary sale

Filed on May 5, 2021 | Last updated on May 6, 2021 at 09.16 am

Watch out as BRANDS takes its anniversary sale to the next level! Starting from May 5, BRANDS is offering the biggest and most exciting bundles. The Magic 5 offers entices admirers of chic in-house signature suits and fashion accessories.

Following a barrage of downfalls transpiring as a result of the pandemic, it is not surprising that people and businesses have shifted their spending to core necessities. However, despite concomitant challenges, BRANDS Chairman and CEO Dorgham Kamel Shaaban saw a golden opportunity instead of an ailing threat allowing the pandemic to mark the advent of a new corporate milestone.

"It is challenging to be part of the retail fashion industry, but we are blessed to have always leveraged business through offering value-for-money items. Magic 5 will feature an exclusive bundle where customers can get 5 high-quality items for affordable prices. This will be the biggest offer that BRANDS has ever done" says Mr. Shaaban.

Customers can avail of 5 suits from 755 AED, 5 Shirts from 155 AED, 5 Ties from 55 AED, and many other bundles for different items.

BRANDS' Chairman and CEO emphasized that budget does not limit someone from being stylish, however, purchasing decisions do. People with a limited budget can still get a piece that suits them well and reflects their style. On this basis, with the anniversary sale approaching, BRANDS provides' five tips on how to remain stylish without sacrificing on finances:

Tip #1: Free the closet.

It is important to check wardrobes every once in a while. People should try to get rid of clothes and items which are overused, rarely used and unneeded. Quality always wins over quantity, so a person must maintain items that uplift and add a degree of distinctiveness to style and most importantly confidence.

Tip #2: Assessment goes before shopping.

Remain updated with the latest fashion trends and browse through items to gain inspiration and explore an eclectic range of choices. Be comfortable in experimenting with new outfits, you might find a new suitable style!

Tip #3: Be perceptive to style.

A person must understand the types of clothes that look good and offer a degree of comfort to inform their purchase decisions. If the clothing piece does not elicit joy or excitement, the person should save the money instead.

Tip #4: Investing in a staple is key.

Instead of spending money on fancy and occasional clothes, why not get items that will pay in the long run? Focus on items that can be worn several times and will give the best value for money.

Tip #5: Buy on sale.

If budget is a big issue, people can find great deals during sales. Save extra money by keeping an eye on special promotions and discounts.

With all these tips taken into account, why not take advantage of BRANDS' Magic 5 offer? It is hard to find a retail store that provides the perfect balance between quality and price. Yet, BRANDS has persistently aspired since 2004 to offer selections of stylishly affordable garments.

Seize the opportunity of buying your stylish outfit starting from the 5th of May in all of BRAND's stores across the Middle East.

For more information about their events and promotions, visit www.brandsco.com, or follow their social media accounts:

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