Artist Alexandra Squire’s Relatable And Welcoming Style Is Making Art More Inclusive

Filed on October 3, 2021 | Last updated on October 3, 2021 at 11.07 am

While many artists have been profiting from their pieces being exclusive, not everyone's the same. There are quite a number of creative people out there who believe that art should be made welcoming for everyone. One of them is Alexandra Squire, an abstract contemporary painter and artist renowned amongst collectors online, on Instagram, and in regional and national art shows.

Alexandra has the distinct memory of being fascinated by art ever since she explored different museums when she was young. While a particular piece may appear the same in everyone's eyes, it can mean something different for each individual. This openness to interpretation of art made her so drawn to it, enough to leave her career in journalism and pursue being an artist instead.

Naturally, this also became a signature of Alexandra's art. She focuses on being a minimalist, which allows viewers to interpret her masterpieces in many ways. The simplicity allows them to connect with the art and associate it with life. In fact, her goal in every single piece she gives existence to is to make the viewers see it as a metaphor, not only with the final product but also the process involved.

Alexandra's art is characterized by her unique layering and blending techniques. She paints the wood, puts together different layers of resin, and adds the perfect mixture. It implies that your life's color, depth, and richness come from the numerous layers you add to it. In addition, it shows how all the colors you bring to your life come to blend together to make you who you are.

The meticulous process involved in creating every artwork also shows that you can't rush growth. It takes an average of six weeks for Alexandra to finish every single painting. Yet, she doesn't skip the procedures just to get done with them because she knows that to create a masterpiece, she must be patient.

Based on Alexandra's experience as someone who left her career to become an artist, that couldn't be any more on point. It took quite a lot of time before she reached the perfect combination of everything. This refers to the materials and their quality, the colors and their tones, and the techniques and their application, among many. They have to match each other just right to create perfection.

However, she somehow makes everything look effortless. Her artwork may be simple, but behind-the-scenes it's anything but that. In some way, this can also add to the metaphor of life. People will only see the final product or what you appear from their perspective, but not everyone will know how much effort it took for you to get there.

Alexandra puts tremendous meaning behind her works because she aims to make them relatable for everyone. It makes her art inclusive and welcoming, therefore, less intimidating to the general public. Her goal is to give Alexander Squire Fine Art an image that it has a place in every home.

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