Rising demand for top-notch automotive maintenance in Dubai

With Deutsches Auto Service Center's range of luxury services, European car maintenance and repair is a piece of cake

Published: Mon 24 May 2021, 10:00 AM

Last updated: Mon 24 May 2021, 12:31 PM

If you're like many around Dubai and Abu Dhabi who own a European vehicle be it British, German, Italian, or even French, and looking for a trusted auto service centre to have your vehicle maintained, then look no further than Deutsches Auto Service Center (DAS Center).

Deutsches Auto Service Centre is located in Dubai Al Qouz 3, serving customers across the UAE. It is a leading service centre that specialises in high-end European vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Range Rover, BMW, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mini, Audi and VAG-Group.

Known for its high-quality maintenance services using the arsenal of precise equipment, Deutsches is able to diagnose and pinpoint the cause of whatever issue a vehicle is facing.

The centre has a lineup of highly skilled auto technicians with years of experience on European platforms from Volkswagen Audi Group to Porsche to Rolls-Royce and BMW, and it does not stop there. It has been responsible for the restoration of multiple Lancia Delta Integrale. All the Rally fans out there will admit that this is quite an impressive achievement.

However, Deutsches Auto Service Center does not only limit itself to minor and major services as well as repair and maintenance; it also deals with performance upgrades and tuning for power and performance seekers. Under its in-house department, DASTuning customers can provide custom tuning on all sorts of vehicles tailored to the customer's desired performance.

Combined with the Bespoke Exhaust Modification services, Deutsches makes your vehicle perform and sound the way you want.

European vehicles are delicate pieces of engineering that require constant attention and need to be maintained properly using the right equipment and set of skills. Rest assured that Deutsches Auto Service Center has these boxes ticked for you.

Get in touch with Deutsches Auto Service Center:

Landline: +971 4 323 2832

WhatsApp: +971 52 323 2832

Email: service@dascenter.ae 

Website: https://www.dascenter.ae 

Follow on social media:

Instagram: @dascenter 

Instagram Tuning: @dastuning

Facebook: @DAScenter

Twitter: @dascenter

LinkedIn: Deutsches Auto Service Center

Location: https://g.page/DAScenter?share 

YouTube: Deutsches Auto Service Center

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