Keep humans at the heart of any transformation


Keep humans at the heart of any transformation
Osman Sultan, CEO of du telecom.

Published: Wed 30 Jan 2019, 3:15 PM

Last updated: Wed 30 Jan 2019, 10:34 PM

While change is inevitable, and technology continues to play an ever increasing role in the way that we work and live, experts at the Engage DXB Forum 2019 said that it is important to keep humans at the heart of any transformative experience.
In his keynote at the event, Osman Sultan, CEO of du Telecom, spoke about how citizens are today engaged in a very fast changing and transformative environment - the effects of which are not limited to the business sector.
"Change is part of our DNA," he said. "When change is faster than usual, we think of it as disruption. When I started in telecom, we did not need to engage and talk with other sectors; today, we need to collaborate with the IT, music, movie, entertainment, and art industries. We have gone from shared certainties to shared uncertainties. Technology is part of a human's most intense moments."
In addition, he noted that another major shift that has emerged is that the world has gone from vertical to horizontal. "The best example that I can give is the evolution of Dubai into a smart city where innovation can flow. Today, we are all looking at interconnectedness through technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). New business models have emerged that revolve around the sharing economy."
He added: "We are privileged to be living in a part of the world, which is prepared for change; and, this comes from the very top from visionary leaders that tell us that we should not sit in comfort because the world is changing. We need to embrace change and the technologies of the future, however, we need to keep humans at the heart of everything that we do."
Sami Al Qamzi, director general of the Department of Economic Development (DED), said that Dubai has adopted a clear and business oriented approach, wherein the government leads by way of policies and plans that support business competitiveness and a business friendly environment that matches the most advanced cities in the world.
"I am also pleased to announce the launch of the Future Economy Lab, a new partnership platform designed to share ideas and to develop learning and creative thinking among the business community, academia and government," he said at the event. "It will also enable us to take advantage of the future opportunities arising from Dubai's transformation into a future economy. The Lab will develop recommendations that will empower existing and new business sectors, and future generations, to lead the industries of the future and anticipate challenges, while enhancing the diversity, competitiveness and sustainability of Dubai's economy and continuing to create new investment opportunities."


Rohma Sadaqat

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