Kawasaki bucks recession, sees boom years ahead

DUBAI - With economic turbulence dictating that most businesses anchor their growth plans, Kawasaki’s Marine & Motors division in the UAE on the other hand is having no problem navigating the choppy seas.

By Anshuman Joshi

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Published: Tue 27 Jul 2010, 11:37 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 10:38 AM

In fact they have gone ahead and launched a new boat in the form of a 3,000 square feet showroom off Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

“I think we have managed to buck the recession. For us, the demand for our products has increased by 10-15 per cent year-on -year. We expect the business to boom further in the next five years,” says Ehsan Al Sayed, Division Manager, Marine & Motors, Al Sayegh Brothers as he explains the reason behind opening the new showroom.

Ehsan Al Sayed, Division Manager, Marine & Motors, Al Sayegh Brothers. — KT photo by Rahul Gajjar

There are many things in there — from outboard motors to inflatable boats and a hulky monster of a floating apparatus, but the real pride of the showroom, are those shiny, powerful beasts that have taken the marine sports and leisure activities in the country by storm — the jet skis.

From the ultra sleek stand-up model to the family-driven three-seater, their entire line of products is wrapped in aggressive looks and powered by 4-stroke engines that are not just fuel-efficient, but eco-friendly as well.

While much of the demand for the jet-skis emanates from offshore projects, the popularity of the watercraft for recreational use is also growing fast, says Al Sayed.

“With the advanced levels of safety features introduced by Kawasaki, the sport which was previously considered the domain of a select few is now being embraced by the masses,” he adds.

And safety, he emphasises is the single most important aspect of the business that the company has focused on apart from bringing some of the most powerful models like Ultra LX into the market.

“Being on water is far more dangerous than being on land, and if you are not in control of the machine, it doesn’t take long for a fun excursion into the deep from turning into a nightmare. Remember there are no brakes on a jet ski and you need to know how to change directions without stalling for the want of speed. Then for those who like living on the edge, that extra zing on the throttle can have dangerous consequences.”

With the newer models, Kawasaki has introduced an option where parents could electronically control the speeds at which the jet skis operate on with a simple twist of a key. And it’s working, as more and more customers seem to be more inclined to pick up a jet ski for personal use.

With models in the price range of Dh32,000-65,000, consumers can take the pick of a model that suits their requirements.

Such is the demand that Kawasaki is planning to open a club for jet-ski owners in the UAE by next year.

“We have seen a spurt in demand for the newer models including the Kawasaki Ultra 260X and we will have the numbers that can be integrated into a group that meets, interacts and plans activities together.”


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