It is time for businesses to come to the Meta world, expert says

Published: Thu 7 Apr 2022, 5:29 PM

Last updated: Fri 17 Jun 2022, 5:49 PM

Metabusiness leaders like Minecraft and Roblox are already investing billions of dollars in the development of the new industry, attracting users from all over the planet and giving everyone a chance to become part of a new world


Rohma Sadaqat

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Modern society as we know it is ready to get to the Metaverse, says Alexander Pershikov, founder of

The serial entrepreneur and Metaverse visionary pointed out that a lot of big players such as Microsoft, Nike, Roblox, Nvidia, Snapchat, and Amazon, have already entered the Metaverse and have started developing their businesses and building communities of loyal users there.

“Investors around the world are investing in the development of this industry because they are well aware that those who enter the Metaverse now will win and get more,” he told Khaleej Times. “I envision meta education and meta trainings for business will the first to grow, but there will be much more.”

Pershikov described the Metaworld as a “huge world” of new opportunities for personal growth and business development, which will completely change the approach of companies to their business processes and to their employees. New professions such as meta designers and meta office managers will appear in the metaverse soon. These changes will also affect collaboration and communication, making them faster and more adaptive, he said.

“Basically, people will be able to communicate, negotiate, meet with business partners, friends and family, wherever they are,” he said. “The online era is going to be set down soon, and will give birth to the Meta era of communications.”

He added that metabusiness leaders like Minecraft and Roblox are already investing billions of dollars in the development of this new industry, attracting users from all over the planet and giving everyone a chance to become part of the new Metaworld. “Sanctum – a Metaverse concert platform – is developing a new show business by bringing it into the virtual space. Metaworld is already knocking on our door, we just have to open it.”

Pershikov also pointed out how the Metaverse gives an opportunity for interesting collaborations such as SIMS with Gucci, and League of Legends with LVMH. “The fashion industry clearly understands that it is possible to get new customers and new platforms for promotion only in tandem with the gaming industry. That is why we’re expecting more collaborations between traditional brands and digital brands that seem hype, but are actually very profitable for both sides. The fashion industry is waiting for good and high-quality platforms for selling its virtual goods, and the gaming industry can provide that kind of platforms.”

“As we can see, it all started with the gaming industry,” he added. “Many people and companies were skeptical about its activity, but now this industry is showing incredible growth and development around the world, attracting and joining people, companies, brands and entire countries. We see a huge niche to develop your own meta experiences from travel to fashion and sell it to customers. Look at the capabilities of the Metaverse as additional sales tools for current customer bases.”

Offering an example of creating unique experiences in the Metaverses, he said: “You just came from your wild journey in the Amazon jungle and are sharing your experience with your friends, but they can’t fully be in your story since they can’t imagine it. So, you decide to take them to a virtual trip around the Amazon jungle so they can understand it better.”

Highlighting concerns about the safety and security of users, Pershikov believes that the Metaverse will allow different business models and mechanisms to develop in the virtual space. The Metaverse makes it possible to build platforms that require users to register and verify their accounts.

“In this case, the users should provide their personal data – this is how most social networks work today,” Pershikov said. “In addition, the Metaverse allows the platforms for anonymous users – demand creates supply, and people are interested in protecting their personal data. Personally, I believe that the Metaverse will become a zone of free market competition between companies and individual users.”

Asked how future ready the UAE is when it comes to the Metaverse, he said that the UAE is “an amazing country that has built one of the world's strongest economies by using its resources and potential in the right way.”

“The local economy and market attracts investors and developers from all over the world and provides them with great development opportunities. Today we can see news about the One Human Reality - a futuristic, human-centred version of the city in the Metaverse. I am sure that the UAE will be one of the countries that will soon connect to the Metaverse,” he said.

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