HST Announces Saudi Health Centre Project

JEDDAH - HST Global Inc., an integrated biotechnology health and wellness company has announced a project that has been initiated with EBITDA Capital, LLC for both shareholder participation and health and wellness centre operations in Saudi Arabia.

HST Global, Inc has given authority to EBITDA Capital, LLC to begin working with EBITDA’s contacts and clients within the Kingdom.

“We have been cautiously opening the window of opportunity for HST with our associates in Saudi Arabia. Health care is a top priority throughout the GCC and HST offers the opportunity to energise the effort by establishing clinics,” Chet Noblett, managing general partner of EBITDA, who is currently assisting HST with the initial negotiations and is leveraging his long term relationships with these parties, said in information made available to Khaleej Times here on Friday.

“We are very pleased to have the level of interest and acceptance that has been expressed at this time,” he added.

High-placed clientele have expressed an interest in becoming shareholders in HST. In addition, they have shown an interest in opening and operating a health and wellness clinic based in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (GCC). The health and wellness clinics would include both for-profit and non-profit treatment facilities in support of HSTC’s late stage cancer applications. HST would be responsible for the training, maintenance and management development in these clinics.

Ron Howell, President and CEO of HST Global Inc. said, “The commencement of this initiative within the GCC countries characterises the essence of what HST is developing. The combined capital and strategic operational partnership will bring an affordable, yet cost effective treatment for late stage cancer to the GCC. HST is reaching across the world with its brand of alternative health and wellness centres.”

HST also has plans to establish clinics modelled after the GCC project within a number of Asian markets where EBITDA has already made initial contacts.

HST Global, Inc. is developing and or acquiring a network of wellness centres worldwide that are primarily focused on the homeopathic and alternative treatment of late stage cancer. In addition, the company intends to acquire innovative products for the treatment of late stage cancer.

In this regard, the company primarily focuses on homeopathic and alternative product candidates that are undergoing or have already completed significant clinical testing for the treatment of late stage cancer.


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