How you can make your ad stand out

How you can make your ad stand out

By Staff Report

Published: Wed 17 Jan 2018, 4:21 PM

Last updated: Thu 18 Jan 2018, 1:57 PM

In an age when consumers are surrounded by advertisements on every possible channel and platform, having one which stands out and has the intended effect is rare.
However, marketers that create well-integrated and customised ad campaigns can boost their effectiveness by as much as 57 per cent, a new study by AdReaction has found. The study also found marketers and consumers as having different views on whether campaigns successfully fit together. At 89 per cent, most marketers surveyed believe their campaign strategies are integrated, but only 58 per cent of global consumers agree.
"Consumers feel overwhelmed by advertising from all angles while marketers struggle to make the most of ad formats and channels to best reach consumers," said Duncan Southgate, global brand director of media and digital at Kantar Millward Brown.
The study found that marketers struggle to find a balance between integration and customisation; 29 per cent of the ads tested were integrated but not customised. Even without any customisation, integrated campaigns are 31 per cent more effective at building brands. The study shows that consistent characters or personalities are the individual cues which most help brand impact, often differentiating the best campaigns.
Some channels work particularly well with each other; and the strongest overall synergy combinations are seen between TV and Facebook, and TV and outdoor. In Saudi Arabia and the UAE; outdoor and point of sale (PoS) presents a big opportunity to bring synergy with TV advertising, while digital surely does a good job in bringing incremental targeted reach.
The research also found that great campaigns need a strong central idea to act as connective tissue across all content. Campaigns with a strong central idea perform better across all brand KPIs, especially brand image associations, as well as across all channels. In addition, unless media spend will be skewed towards one execution, every piece of content matters and contributes to overall success and brand building. Consumers feel marketers are making the most progress at storytelling and integrating across formats in Nigeria, India, Saudi Arabia, China and Brazil, but fewer are convinced progress is being made in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, and the Czech Republic.
"Media channels will continue to fragment and evolve, but smart marketers will see the opportunities to connect with consumers in new, meaningful ways. Importantly, we know using more media channels can improve campaign effectiveness, but only if the channels work synergistically," Southgate noted.Globally, consumers feel they are seeing more ads in more places. At 69 per cent, most consumers around the world also agree that ads are more intrusive now. In Saudi Arabia, agreement to feeling of intrusiveness is at 77 per cent. Marketers need to choose channels wisely - need to consider the channels' role in the campaign and what the channel can deliver in terms of impact and cost. For example, online ads are cost effective in extending TV reach; however, consumers' attitudes are more positive to traditional media than online advertising. People are more likely to recall negative online targeting experiences than positive ones.
Lastly, the report pointed out that there is a sweet spot between integration and customisation. A strong integrated campaign must be flexible enough to enable novel, complementary content, but familiar enough to link the key campaign elements tightly together.

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